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Anyone who knows me knows how I love my kombucha. In fact, it’s kind of become one of my signature accessories! I share my instant love for this fizzy drink and some of the facts I’ve found about kombucha on the blog The One Drink I Always Travel With, but for my husband Chris, it was definitely more of an acquired taste. We’re so used to sugary-sweet “health” drinks that for many, sipping the tart taste of kombucha can be quite the shock to tastebuds.

I’ve drank my fizzy favorite kombucha for nearly half of our marriage, so in times of great thirst, Chris would swig my tea while out and about and grimace wishing he’d had something else to sip. Now we fight over who gets the last one and I may or may not have a secret stash hidden in our home. Okay two different spots in our home!

A few winters ago Chris found himself fighting a nasty infection. This sickness just would not go away and required several rounds of antibiotics to “kick it.” He was run down and his body was feeling a bit defeated. I suggested he try including my “rainbow drink” into his daily routine to help restore his gut’s balance of healthy bacteria. After a while he was feeling back to himself and I cannot help but attribute his bounce back to the boost he received from the rich vitamins, folic acid, and immunity support that I know is included in kombucha!

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Kombucha

Now that Chris is a huge fan, too, we’re buying two cases at a time and although our trips to the store have become a bit more frequent and expensive, I know it’s a worthy investment for our health! ]

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