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Moms, wives, girlfriends… you know the deal: while packing for a trip, typically our needs come last. Luckily, I’m married to a Type A packing genius, so my main concern is getting the kids and myself out the door with everything we need. Depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing, I have two separate packing styles: Everything But the Kitchen Sink, and Minimal Chic. I’ve found some fab travel toiletry bags on Amazon that can help you keep the products you love together so that your favorites are ready to go just about anywhere in style.


At almost a foot in length, this large Prada toiletry bag is perfect for packing anything including makeup brushes, toothbrushes, combs, and contact solution. Discrete, sexy, and stylish. What’s better than getting Prada pieces delivered to your door? I’ll wait. 

I love the Ginger leather on this bag. The design is ideal for a bag that frames and stores all of your goodies, opening up on the counter for easy access. 

If you love rolling out your makeup and accessories and storing them on the door or towel rack at the hotel – this fun + flirty brightly colored bag is a hit. The clear inner pouches make finding your stuff a breeze and when you’re ready to roll out – simply roll it up! 

I love traveling with at least one transparent bag that’s easy to clean! I prefer to store my travel shampoos and any liquids in plastic toiletry bags because accidents happen – even when your bag is marked fragile! Keeping a transparent toiletry bag in my packing arsenal helps while packing, too! I sit it on the counter, add my items, and can see what hasn’t made it in yet! (This feature is incredibly helpful with three kids and constant interruptions.)

What’s your go-to toiletry bag? Do you tend to use the same one for every trip or do you grab something different every time you head out on a new adventure?

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