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You never know where your travels may take you! Whether you’re bouncing between hotel rooms in different cities or visiting family across the country, dealing with long travel days, or difficult schedules may make it hard to navigate hitting the gym while you’re on the road. I’ve found that bringing a few easy-to-travel-with accessories for fitness make it more accessible for me to workout in a pinch. 

TRX Go Suspension Travel System

I’ve partnered with TRX recently, but I’ve used their equipment for years. While on the road with Chris or traveling solo, I love bringing the TRX Go Suspension Travel System with me because it’s easy enough to hook to the back of a hotel door, bring it along with me to a small gym, and I’ve even been known to take it to the playground to use while the kids play! With outdoor and indoor options it’s the perfect fit when I don’t know what surroundings I’ll find myself in while traveling. I love that this system can help me get an intense full body workout in – and I’m just steps away from the shower and getting ready for a night out!

Resistance Loop Bands

Can you imagine packing free weights in your carry on? Resistance loop bands are such a lifesaver for me because they’re so easy to throw in my luggage, purse, or even computer bag and can go wherever I do. There’s literally no prep and they give me just enough resistance to make my workout challenging and fulfilling. 

Jump Rope

This pick takes me back to elementary school! I’ve loved jumping rope since I was a kid, and now it’s a simple and effective cardio workout that’s great for both me and Chris. I love when the same equipment can help us both achieve our goals! Of course, it’s lightweight and easy enough to pack for just about any trip. BONUS: this is another piece I can take with me while out and about on my trips! I love bringing it outdoors and jumping rope while taking in a gorgeous view. 


Also known as core sliders, gliders are a fantastic addition to any traveling gym! All you need are your gliders, your typical workout apparel, and a smooth surface! Forgot your gliders? You can even use a towel or paper plates! There are a variety of workouts you can do with your gliders on the go that help you achieve a range of motion, deep stretching, and complete cardio routine.


Keeping these core items as part of my travel gym arsenal gives me peace of mind while I’m on the road. When I have just a few of these easy-to-pack items I know that no matter where I’m at, I have the things I need to workout the way I want to – whenever I want. 

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