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This Las Vegas icon has been a mainstay in our Vegas getaways for as long as I can remember. Dancing, dining, entertainment, and award winning restaurants can all be found under the Bellagio roof – and just outside the property are the breathtaking fountains that scream Vegas! Chris and I head to Vegas throughout the year to celebrate big life moments with our friends and colleagues and spots like Bellagio’s Spa & Salon enhance these trips with a touch of wellness and restoration.

Dining at the Bellagio

You don’t have to travel far for healthy fare at Bellagio. A star-studded lineup of chefs have crafted scrumptious menus at more restaurants than I can manage to visit in one trip. Harvest by Roy Ellamar is a mouthwatering spot for the wholesome farm-to-table foods I crave. This restaurant is brimming with foods that fuel your body for your long nights in The City of Lights. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Bellagio, Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger

Wolfgang Puck’s Spago has recently undergone a transformation. I highly recommend snacking on fresh seafood while watching the waters of the Bellagio Fountains dance before you. This spot is perfect for dinner before you head out for the evening but you can also grab a flavorful lunch and a glass of wine with your girlfriends here, too. 

Flavorful sushi, fresh handmade pasta, prime cuts of steak, and dining with genuine fine art pieces are all waiting here and you’re truly only limited by your appetite and time! 

Bellagio Fit Picks

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Bellagio, Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger

The fitness studio at the Bellagio makes it easy and fun to get your workout in before an afternoon of shows, shopping, or cheering on the craps table. Of course if you find you’re in need of a bit more “R’n’R” than a full blown sweat, they’ve got you covered there, too. Reiki and Restorative Yoga are paired together here to help you renew and refresh during your Las Vegas vacation. These complementary programs are a genius offering as I’m more than certain everyone could use a little balance and restoration after an evening on The Strip.

There are classes offered for just about any fitness interest starting in the early morning and all throughout the day. My favorite classes are the Bellagio Bootcamp (so challenging!) Barre Pilates, Yin Yoga, Vegas Punch, and the Reformer Pilates sessions and they’re all held in their Bamboo Studio. Personal trainers are also available here to completely customize a fitness session for you – and you can take advantage of all of these opportunities with some help of their fabulous concierge services. 

Spa and Salon at the Bellagio

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Bellagio, Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger

The spa and salon have sourced the best in global beauty and have brought it all to Las Vegas. Flashing lights and adrenaline-packed entertainment are fun for an evening – but holistic and healthy treatments like these are what truly bring me joy! I’m known to pack all of the excitement in earlier in my trips and spend the last portion of my getaways at the spa. I think it’s essential to rest and enhance my wellbeing before heading home to reality! 

The spa’s global beauty atelier Cinq Mondes has curated incredible experiences from head to toe including Ko Bi Do anti-aging facial where the contours of your face are carefully massaged to help tone and tighten your beautiful skin.

More spa finds feature Moroccanoil – hair masks, ultra hydrating hand and face masks, and even pedicure and manicure services are enhanced with this special oil here. The skilled services of the salon professionals have everything that’s needed to get you ready for a night out or you can create a “spa day” in and treat yourself to some rejuvenation!

Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Bellagio, Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger

A visual buffet of performing and fine arts, breathtaking views of the acclaimed Bellagio Fountains, and timeless spa experiences from across the world bring us back to visit the Bellagio regularly. There’s no surprise why this five-star property is synonymous with fun.

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