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Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, Miami Florida

The vibrant cityscape, cutting edge art scene, soft sandy beaches, and unparalleled nightlife have placed Miami at the top of traveler’s bucket lists for years. Tourists looking to enhance their lives through peace and meditation may not consider this hallmark of music, fun, and food to be a must-see spot, but I beg you, yogis, to reconsider! 

The Miami Beach EDITION offers fully customizable experiences for travelers looking to let loose or find inner peace. Of course, during my visit, I was ready to dive deep and explore the many health and fitness findings available there – and spoiler alert – I’m going to have to go back to try it all!

Gym Time at EDITION

I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about packing a load of fitness equipment with me – because EDITION offers a 24-hour full-service state-of-the-art facility. What could be better than that? Personal training sessions ready when you are! Perfect for those who love to live life moment by moment, you can literally walk in and request a credible trainer to assist you so that you can get your best sweat possible. RoyalFit features a variety of classes including specialty yoga experiences – see, yogi’s, I told you there’d be something special for you! Offering everything you’d expect (and more!) at a luxury hotel’s gym, the quality equipment, fully stocked refreshment area, and stellar support staff made this spot a favorite for me. 

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, Miami Florida

Spa Services at EDITION

After fun in the sun, strolling the awe-inspiring arts district and Miami Design District, and keeping my fitness in check, I had earned my spa time. A great place to spend an entire day pampering your skin from head to toe, or to freshen up your manicure before dinner out – The Spa at The Miami Beach EDITION did not disappoint! I read about the custom Hamam table before arrival and couldn’t wait to see and experience a steamy, exfoliating session. I think that one of the features I love most about this breathtaking spa is that whether you’re looking for a fun place to have cocktails with your friends or you’d rather plunge into the tranquility – they’ve created a space for every person’s desire. 

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, Miami Florida
Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, Miami Florida

My favorite EDITION spa picks right now are: 

The CBD Healing Wave where CBD-infused massage oil helps to soothe aching and tense muscles. This massage is paired with biotic wave technology that lets you choose your pressure level.

Sticks and Stones massage where warmed stones and sticks are used strategically to ease your body into full relaxation. I’ve never experienced a “stick” massage – so this was totally intriguing to me!

Supernatural plant-based facial that’s focused on anti-aging and soothing your skin. Because it’s totally organic and created with a variety of herbaceous offerings, this facial is touted as being aromatic, too! 

No matter what treatment you choose, you can add a biotic wave session or aromatherapy session. Either of these would be perfect for someone that just got off their plane and they’re ready to decompress and enjoy their stay – or as a treat to yourself before heading home!

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, Miami Florida

Dining In and Stepping Out 

Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten developed an intriguing Latin menu at The Matador Room, a steadfast foodie favorite on the property. Bursting flavors, fresh ocean fish, and light bites have (wonderfully) haunted my taste buds and I’ve been trying to recreate some of these vibrant flavors at home. Those looking to stretch their legs and see the city after dark will love visiting hot spots like Makato, Casa Tua, or Cecconi’s. 

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami Beach, Miami, Florida, Miami Florida

If you came to EDITION looking to party, you’ve got to look down. Seriously – the BASEMENT is a nightclub-esque adult playground that has an ice skating rink, bowling alley, and live DJ. (Fun fact: yes, as an NHL Hall of Famer’s wife, I can skate!)

Healthy Eats and Treats

My friend recommended Sunset Juice Cafe which I was thrilled to know was less than ten minutes from EDITION! Sipping fresh cold-pressed juices while walking in the sun is a guaranteed great start to your day however, if you’re not interested in venturing out, Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha can be delivered! 

There’s no shortage of healthy and inspiring ways to spend your day on Miami Beach, and EDITION has made finely crafted experiences for anyone who’s ready to get away and explore Miami. EDITION has made their resort a riveting and restorative locale that’s truly a must-go.

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