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A place to reconnect with nature and forget technology exists altogether. We packed our bags and took the whole family to The Lodge at Blue Sky in Park City, Utah for a full week of family togetherness--free of distractions and full of experience. Located just a half hour from Main Street Park City, we were welcomed to The Lodge at Blue Sky by a 360-degree view of the mountains, which truly takes your breath away. Whether you choose to stay in the Sky Lodge, Creek House, or an Earth Suite, you'll find the same tranquility and relaxing ambiance in each. Our rooms were abundantly spacious, featured beautiful, oversized walk-in showers, and large outdoor patios. Utilizing wood, wicker, and stone into the decor, each room felt modern and fresh, while simultaneously serving as an extension of the natural environment just outside the windows.

Fortunately for us, the night we arrived held a full moon, so we were able to enjoy the Full Moon hike under the open night sky and climb the beautiful trails lit by nothing more than moonlight (we even saw a moose)! This was quite a special adventure to kickstart our week in the mountains. The activities offered at The Lodge at Blue Sky are truly where they shine. It's impossible to participate in every offering in one trip, but we certainly tried! We enjoyed a mountain biking excursion as a family, where everyone (except myself) rode e-bikes. I chose the path of more resistance and rode a traditional mountain bike! Considering the impressive equine program available, we attended several horseback riding excursions as a family, including the Meet the Horses experience and the White Tail Trail. I even enjoyed a private Western horseback riding lesson solo--a great opportunity to quiet my mind and connect with nature.

Lilah and I were craving some girl time, so we chose the Art of the Shed experience, which took place inside a little yurt on the mountainside (this same yurt is transformed at night into a romantic private dining experience by candlelight!). The Art of the Shed experience begins with a walk through the surrounding trails to search for and collect an animal shed--the antlers of a moose, elk, or deer which are shed in the Spring. This hunt was fun and exciting, especially for Lilah who won by finding the first shed! After returning to the yurt, Lilah and I looked up a few inspiration pieces on Pinterest to help us decide how we would each paint our sheds. Abby, the art instructor, was absolutely incredible guiding us through this experience. Her and Lilah bonded over their love of art so much that they scheduled a one-on-one meet up later in the week for a new art adventure! Once we finished our sheds, the resort was kind enough to ship them to our home. So thoughtful!

Sporting Clays was an activity that our whole family loved doing--certainly a highlight of our trip! This half day activity is taught by a professionally trained instructor, who begins by educating you on proper technique and etiquette prior to implementing shooting challenges. Not only do the instructors hold training from the West London Shooting School in the UK, they also take the resort's commitment to the environment seriously by utilizing biodegradable clay discs, paper wad ammunition versus plastic, and recycling all bullet casings. We all enjoyed the education and training we received from our talented instructor, Kurt, who was impressed by Lilah nailing her first shot! Before heading to our next activity, we took a dip in the infinity pool to cool off and take in the scenic mountain views.

It was then time to venture out to the mountainside to partake in axe throwing, and let me tell you, I uncovered a hidden talent I didn't know I had! Our instructor, Levi, began our challenge by teaching us the techniques of axe throwing. Our family had a blast competing against one another and I can proudly say I'm the Pronger axe throwing champion! Of course it wouldn't be a true outdoorsy vacation if the guys didn't enjoy a fishing expedition, so Chris, Jack, and George set out on Weber River with guides Chris and Dan for an afternoon of fly fishing. While the boys were busy catching trout, Lilah and I participated in morning outdoor yoga, followed by a hike and a private horseback riding lesson. We even tried aerial yoga in the woods! Being surrounded by the sounds of nature was good for the mind, body, and soul, and provided a mother-daughter bonding experience I'll remember always. We hardly scratched the surface of all the outdoor adventures offered at The Lodge at Blue Sky, but if traditional exercise is more your speed, they have a fabulous, brand new gym with high-end fitness equipment including two Peloton bikes. Your options are truly endless.

Just as The Lodge at Blue Sky showcases the beautiful mountainside landscape through their array of activities in nature, their culinary approach is no different. Yuta, which is run by James Beard award-winning chef Galen Zamarra, is the signature restaurant on site, utilizing local, seasonal ingredients found right on the property's landscape. In addition to prioritizing locally-sourced ingredients, Yuta also prioritizes thoughtfulness. We celebrated Jack's 18th birthday during our stay, and the chef made sure to learn and prepare all of Jack's favorite dishes for an extra special dining experience. If you're looking to partake in some guilty pleasures, then High West Distillery is the place to indulge. After our axe throwing challenge, we devoured a spread of burgers, patty melts, and customized macaroni and cheese, with a whiskey tasting for Mom and Dad. The cowboy-inspired interior and rotating BBQ-themed nights had us frequenting this spot during our trip. At the end of every evening, we gathered around the fire and enjoyed “S'mores School" while watching the sun descend over the mountaintops, followed by a family game of Uno or a movie in the mountains showcased on their outdoor projector.

When I found time to sneak away, I went to The Edge Spa for a restorative and mindful experience. I began with Sage: A Cleansing Journey, which taught me about the power and healing benefits of sage. I followed with the Back in the Saddle massage, which focuses on releasing tightness through deep tissue massage, and ended with the Mountain Cacao experience--a Mayan tradition utilizing vibrations of singing bowls and ceremonial sipping cacao to access your inner peace.

Disconnect from your calendar, log off from the busyness, and find your inner peace again at The Lodge at Blue Sky in Park City, Utah.


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