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The mission of Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona says it all, “To inspire a life in balance through mindfulness.” Far too often we’re swept away by the dings and pings of our phones and tugged away from what’s most important by the dramatic overcast of daily life events. It’s easy to lose sight of what feeds our souls.

chairs facing mountains

Traveling to Tucson to stay at Miraval is food for my soul. From the time my feet hit the soil warmed by the Arizona sun, I feel a peace that’s harder to claim when you’re focusing on all of life’s “extras.” Each program, each facet of this resort is designed to enhance your ability to live life in the moment. Taking these moments with me long after I leave Miraval help me find myself when I’m being swept away. 

Get Active and Stay Active

girl running outside

Miraval’s creative complimentary wellness activities provide endless fun – so fun you’ll forget you’re exercising your mind and soul as well as your body! Choosing from the one hundred and twenty activities can seem daunting, luckily they’re all incredible and guided by experts ready to help you every step of the way. 

Staying active beyond the gym helps to keep your body healthy and your soul nourished as well. Miraval Arizona offers Equine activities and since I grew up riding horses, this special time always brings me joy. Taking me back to a time when life was a bit simpler, caring for a horse is a perfect practice in mindfulness. Brushing, feeding, caring for this monumental beauty before you is all consuming in the most thrilling way imaginable! 

woman petting horse

Miraval offers a special experience in beekeeping, too. The buzz of the Arizona bees can help you slip away like a meditative “Om” mantra (and, yes, they offer meditation as an activity, too!) 

You can also find more traditional practices in wellness, pilates, yoga, hiking, swimming, tennis and more! Simply open your heart to your favorite experiences and they’ll guide you to making the most during your stay.

Every morning you can start your day with a special activity and create a rhythm of wellness from the time you wake until the time you slip into a peaceful rest after a full day of sun and special moments. 

Life in Balance Spa 

oil massage

The exquisite treatments offered at the spa are  everything you’d expect from a luxury wellness retreat at a Miraval – and then some. From the detoxifying Sonoran Mud Wrap to the warming stones grazing your skin during their Monsoon Experience they’ve found a way to enhance your experience and make it unique to the earth surrounding you. 

Invigorating, renewing, refreshing! From deep exfoliation to smoothing body butters enveloping your skin – each step is one step closer to an even better version of yourself. 

Body and Mindfulness Fitness Cente

fitness class

There’s no need to worry about missing a few days in your home gym – the Body and Mindfulness Fitness Center has everything needed for an incredible sweat! Complimentary and refreshing juices will keep you hydrated after your full body workout. Fitness experts can guide you through best practices enhancing your form and help you create a regimen that works for your body type and fitness level. 

cactus in sunset

The gentle nudges to remain in the present at Miraval helped me truly make the most out of my stay. Feeling the sun on my skin, listening – really listening – to experts share their passions about self betterment and positive living, every sip, every stretch, every sunset. The wonderfully arranged menu of moments at Miraval are yours forever and that’s why it’s my pleasure and privilege as a wellness traveler to visit each of the three properties: Arizona, Austin (September 2019), and Berkshires (opening Winter 2019 – a trip to be determined).

Pack your digital bags and follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook as we explore each destination! If you're looking to plan your next trip, Reach out to us here to start getting inspired together!

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