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At center of Chablé Yucatán flows a Cenote, the inspiration of this award-winning spa, and a restorative life force that feeds into every element you’ll encounter while visiting this breathtaking resort. I welcomed the Summer of 2019 with the experience of a lifetime – traveling to Chablé Yucatán with Hidden Doorways for a completely transformative wellness experience I’ll never forget. 

photo of gate with property and trees in background

I arrived at Chablé in the afternoon; a team of friendly hospitality experts were quick to greet me, check me in, and whisk me away to a mouthwatering lunch at the vibrant Ki’ol. Ki’ol means “healthy” in Mayan, so I was eager to experience their perfectly balanced assortment of Ka’anche organically grown fruits and veggies highlighted in a menu that’s arranged to showcase what’s seasonal! It’s part of the Chablé philosophy to combine the Ka’anche’s (Maya Garden) offerings with their boundless wellness options – fueling your body with fresh nutrients from the inside out! 

Lunch at Ki’ol was the perfect way to restore my energy after a morning of traveling and a delightful segway to a full property tour where we were introduced to the awe-inspiring grounds we’d call home for the next few days. Walking through the resort every turn welcomed us with lush greenery that was beautifully maintained yet still flaunted the exotic natural beauty you’d expect to see in the jungle. Stone-lined paths, flowing water, ornate greenery – all of this is weaved together to create the most serene tapestry you’ll find anywhere in the world!

sculpture hotel with stairs to resort

Teatime with friends punctuated the sun-soaked afternoon. A fabulous way to sit, sip, and take in the scenery together. Getting to know more about Mayan wisdom, the mission of Chablé, and my fellow travelers before Yoga Nidra at the Cenote filled my afternoon with the perfect balance of peace and fun before returning to dinner at Ki’ol. As someone who’s practiced yoga for years, I can honestly share that Yoga Nidra near the Cenote took my experience to a whole new level. It’s no surprise that a Cenote is at the heart of this acclaimed locale, as the Mayan culture believed these sacred waters to be portals to the subconscious and a way to connect with gods and the afterlife. During my stay at Chablé, this meditative connection was palpable. I truly felt the importance, peace, and energy of the deeply sacred grounds while entering one of the most meditative yoga experiences of my life. Sights and sounds of the outside world slipped away while I connected with my body – in that place – in the moment. 

pink smoothie with citrus fruit and petals

Every morning at Chablé you’re greeted with a fresh squeezed juice that’s an assortment of organic fruits and veggies concocted specially to help your body stay balanced, glowing, and healthy. While visiting I enjoyed the Anti-Flu juice packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, a PH facial regulator that helps your body flush out toxins and moisturize your skin, and a green juice that was loaded with fresh fruits like nopal and served to keep your airway system healthy! Extra amenities like these can be found across the grounds as this location is truly a wellness destination. 

International Yoga Day and Temazcal

What better way to celebrate International Yoga Day than with an assortment of complimentary wellness activities at Chablé? The resort coordinated an array of offerings including Energy Transmutation Meditation, Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Nidra Yoga, a summer solstice ceremony, wellness golf, and more for guests’ choosing. These are just some of the whole body health activities you can partake in on any given day at Chablé, and it was serendipitous to celebrate the first day of summer and International Yoga Day at this luxury locale. 

two woman at ancient experience outside

I opened my heart and soul in a Temazcal lead by the beautiful spirit and shaman, Monica. As a Shaman, Monica is in touch with and can influence good and evil spirits. During deeply meditative states we sat in the pitch dark for over an hour in temperatures I have never experienced before! This spiritual ceremony will live with me forever and even while writing this I can recall the sizzle of the water on the piping hot “Grandmother” volcanic rock – the living, breathing combination of the four elements. Steam bellows out of the rocks, opening your pores, and cleansing your body. Your only focus during this time is to push past all the fear and anxiety you may have about small spaces, darkness, heat, and focus on your breathing. This exercise helped me strengthen my confidence in my ability to control my emotions and truly embrace this possibly once in a lifetime experience.

woman smiling and dipping hand in edge of fountain

The Chablé Way

I was moved by the deeply rooted mission of the Chablé Spa. In their literature they share, “unique essence is duality; that eternal dance between two opposing forces which strengthen each other. Shamanism combined with luxury, ancient mayan healing techniques with modern science: these combinations come together to provide extraordinary and unique wellness results. At Chablé Spa, the only time that exists is here and now. The circle of life is based on time cycles, and therefore, the message of wellbeing here at Chablé is timeless… Entering the Spa is part of a personal journey, a deep immersion into an experience which will allow you to return to your daily life feeling free, now transformed and as part of a continued evolution. Modern science, traditional Mayan wisdom, a subtle cosmic influence and abundance of Mother Nature come together to create the healing experience which can be found in the Chablé Spa, and which brings our guests to a new level of inspired wellbeing.” 

herbs burning in basket

From organically grown herbs harvested in the Ka’anche and used to formulate enrich spa treatments to the spiritual guidance and ceremonious welcoming from soulful Shamans, the Chablé Spa has created three separate journeys guests can voyage during their visit at the spa. A personal consultation best determines which journey suits your needs: Fountain of Youth, Tree of Life, or Heaven on Earth. Each journey is comprised of an assortment of rituals designed to impart the essences that transform your wellness. 

The Fountain of Youth’s essence is Flow, emphasizing the Cenotes as Earth’s “chakras.” Imagine our Earth is a living being and the Cenotes flowing through as the circulatory system! Mayans consider Cenotes sacred and magical – a source of wellness and youth. The Fountain of Youth Journey is assisted by the power of the Cenote. Lymphatic Flow Massage, a Flow Healing Ritual, Nirvana Stress Relief Massage and Bio-Energy Lift™️ are just some of the signature rituals. 

massage table with trees in background

Tree of Life Journey is centrally focused on the essence of Balance. Honoring the link between Earth and the Heavens there’s an emphasis on Ceiba, a mythical tree where the branches represent the higher conscious and Heaven, roots are the subconscious or underworld, and the trunk is human life. The Tree of Life is the representation of the connectivity of all of these realms coming together. Rituals for this journey support balance in all things. Deep cleansing, the release of tension, empowerment, and energizing treatments are meant to restore anyone taking this journey.

woman dancing in bar

Feel inspired with the Heaven on Earth Journey. Traditional Mayan healing treatments create the series of rituals that celebrate the “interconnectivity of human life.” Singing bowls ring cleansing and energetic tones meant to vibrate throughout your soul. Sacred healing crystals, 4-handed massages, and intricate body healing techniques meld together in the array of rituals you can choose from on this journey. Every treatment, every element, and every working hand in this spa has been carefully selected to provide the ultimate healing and inspired care. 

More Wellness Activities at Chablé

woman playing golf

There’s certainly no shortage of wellness opportunities for bodies in motion. I experienced the Green Route Biking Tour during my stay where I was able to see what all the buzz was about surrounding the Meliponario Bee Sanctuary, the traditional Mayan outdoor kitchen, a breathtaking Mayan calendar, the Ka’anches, golf course, tennis, and pickle ball courts, and the flowing Cenotes. I got a closer look at the golf course during a wellness golf activity directed by Luis Molina. Here I learned that this sport can really be a practice of mindfulness and incredibly relaxing! We topped our evening on the greens off with handcrafted cocktails at the pavilion during sunset. 

Abundant Fresh & Fiery Experiences

I had the pleasure of dining at Doña Eneida’s traditional outdoor Mayan kitchen during my stay. Here we sampled freshly made corn tortillas with Pork Chuk, spiced chicken, and pickled onions and an assortment of other traditional dishes with three different homemade salsas. Mayan cuisine is bursting with flavors unlike any I’ve ever experienced! Each dish danced with garden-grown veggies and when something is as lovingly prepared as a time-honored treasure like these, you can taste the difference. 

Beekeeping at Chablé

Meliponario Bees live in a sanctuary on the property. Guests can tour this truly special spot on the grounds and learn about these stingless bees. The special honey these bees produce is highly sought after and only used in select dishes on the property. I was lucky enough to sample it in a special brown butter ice cream dish recommended by Chef Luis Ronzon at the acclaimed Ixi’im. 

Tequila & Wine Tasting at Chablé and Ixi’im

Whole body wellness, to me, means enriching your life through experiences you cannot find anywhere else. If it’s good for your soul it’s good for your health, right? My signature drink when socializing is tequila on the rocks with a twist of lemon or lime so I was eager to sample some new tequilas I may never find again! I met with the resident tequila master, Jerry, and had the opportunity to bear witness to one of the largest premium tequila collections in the entire world! Three hundred bottles of different tequilas grace Ixi’im; Jerry introduced me to the private labeled Chablé Añejo (similar to my favorite Don Julio 1942 a perfectly aged Añejo!) I sipped five more tequilas including Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Ulta Añejo. Jerry’s expertise guided us to accompany the tequilas with complimentary flavors including dark chocolate, orange, kiwi, and mango. Truly a treat for your tastebuds! 

Chablé is also home to a wine tasting where guests can experience the flavors of grapes only grown in certain parts of Mexico. These bursting fruits create the Nebbiolo, Grenache, Shiraz, and Mexican Cabernet. This tasting is conducted in a relaxed environment where you can soak in the flavors and learn more about these special wines and the people who craft them.

Dining at the Chablé’s Ixi’im Chef Jorge Vallejo’s Ixi’im’s second dining masterpiece is located right on the property, surrounded by jungle greens in a placid setting that really lets you focus on the culinary journey. A refined taste of the best of Mexican cuisine, the Ixi’im (meaning corn) menu features seasonally inspired dishes with herbs and veggies plucked right from the resort’s Maya Gardens. As the top restaurant in Mexico, I was not surprised to have found this dining experience to be one of my favorites!

Chablé Yucatan has orchestrated a wellness experience for your mind, body, and soul. Every element of this wellness resort is infused with the sacred ancestral beliefs of Mayan culture, enriched with the abundance found growing in the heart of the Mayan forest, and nourished by the hardworking, dedicated and attentive staff.

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