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We love the Ritz Carlton hotels and resorts - we always have. As the "gold standard of hospitality," it's invaluable to know that wherever our travels take us, the Ritz Carlton will make us feel right at home. Zadun Ritz Carlton in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico delivered upon this gold standard!

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Stepping into our room was like stepping into a painting come to life. Directly across from us was an uninterrupted wall of glass that offered a never-ending view of the sea, with the most beautiful gradient of blues and greens we'd ever laid eyes on. In fact, all 115 rooms at Zadun offer these spectacular views of the waters beneath. As you know, Chris and I are both tall (he may have a few inches on me), so we appreciate rooms with a little extra living space. The rooms at Zadun Ritz Carlton are quite generous and provide an outdoor living area that serves as an extension of your room. The rooms are designed in warm, neutral tones with shades of blue, mirroring the pristine beaches and waters right outside your window. Something you'll find both in the living quarters and across the entire property is decorative objects and art created by local artists all over Mexico--a really thoughtful and authentic touch.

As wellness is one of the pillars of our daily life, we snuck away to the gym midday to break a sweat. As we entered the fitness center, we were immediately greeted by the yoga and HIIT area ahead, as well as a lap pool to our right (a great option if the other resort pools are at capacity!). I hopped on the treadmill before hitting the weights, while Chris took his workout to the beach to pump up his arms before laying oceanside. We felt like we earned that beach time after burning some calories!

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As if laying on the beach isn't relaxing enough, we were eager to experience Zadun Ritz Carlton's spa, Spa Alkemia. As they say, "Here, one can transform physically and emotionally." I was absolutely thrilled to discover that they offer Templo De Calor, traditionally known as Temazcal, which is an energy clearing ceremony and botanical scrub that takes place in what looks like an igloo, but generates heat--it's one of my favorite rituals! Afterward, I selected the Radiant facial, which includes a double exfoliation mask, balancing mask, and crystal wand facial massage that left my skin glowing and refreshed! Chris thoroughly enjoyed the vibrating meditation floor (it worked wonders on his head and back) before his Zadun massage, where he was able to select the skin-nourishing essential oils he preferred.

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We're always pleased with our culinary experiences when we stay at the Ritz, so we were excited to see what Zadun's restaurants had in store for us! We began our morning at Candil, a beautiful bar where you'll find a Master Barista in the mornings waiting to prepare your custom latté. Hand-blown glass hangs from the ceiling perfectly framing the beautiful view of the outdoors. If you don't need a dose of caffeine to jumpstart your day, be sure to check back and experience Candil at night as they serve over 100 labels of mezcal and tequila along with beautifully crafted cocktails, like their mixologist's signature drink, the Nauyaca. For lunch we dined at El Barrio, which was just as much a feast for our eyes as it was our appetites. Singing the culture of Mexico, this outdoor restaurant is full of vibrant colors from the fuschia bar to the cantelope orange benches. In fact, executive chef Rodrigo Torres scoured the country when designing the aethetic of each Zadun Ritz Carlton restaurant for the perfect artisan-made pieces (and it shows). Chris ordered the signature margarita and grilled fish tacos, while I enjoyed the beans and avocado bowl. After lunch, we spent a glorious afternoon on the beaches of the Sea of Cortez and worked up an appetite for some light, afternoon fare (and libations, of course!). X, their adults-only lounge, was the perfect spot to satiate our desires. With a menu that changes daily based on that day's catch from the local fisherman, you're bound to enjoy a ceviche fresher than you've ever experienced. We capped off our evening with dinner at Humo, the signature restaurant of Zadun Ritz Carlton. The utilization of fire is the focus of the Humo kitchen, paying homage to Latin American cuisine, where they believe the element extracts the true flavor of the dish. We dined while watching the chef prepare our meal from the viewing kitchen, but if you're looking for something even more intimate, they'll arrange a private dining experience for you in their walk-in wine cellar, La Cava.

If you're looking to experience first-class luxury while taking in Mexico's true heritage, book your next trip to the beautiful Zadun Ritz Carlton in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico!

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  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

  • Breakfast credit for two per bedroom daily ($50 maximum per person, per day, excludes alcohol)

  • $100 USD Resort/Hotel credit to be utilized during stay

  • Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

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