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We can’t always make it to the spa – sometimes we have to bring the spa home. Epsom Salt baths have been a part of my self-care routine for over twenty years. The benefits of this easy, inexpensive, and relaxing treatment will have you looking for just about any excuse to fill up the tub and take a dip!

women scrubbing in bath tub

People have used epsom salt in their health and wellness routines to cure and treat various illnesses including stomach and digestion issues, insomnia, skin irritation, sore muscles, and so much more! It seems as though more companies are beginning to take notice of this simple and effective treatment – offering a wide variety of scented and enhanced salts to try!

The Magnesium found in Epsom Salt can be credited to many of the health benefits that a long, warm soak provides. When you mix your salt with water, it releases Magnesium and Sulfate ions prepping them for absorption into your skin*.

Adding Epsom Salt baths to my routine helps me relax, treats my sore muscles, and exfoliates my skin.

Relaxation with Epsom Salt Baths

Having three kids, a hectic schedule, and keeping up with my incredible husband can be stressful! I believe that treating yourself to some quiet time that’s just for you is essential to your health. You cannot care for others if you do not care for yourself. An Epsom Salt bath creates the perfect opportunity to just relax, breathe, and meditate. Different packages offer differing instructions for dilution and creating your beautiful bath, so simply follow the advice you find there and get to soaking! The act of creating this environment alone can be quite peaceful and relaxing. Enhance your bath time routine with candles, some of your favorite music, and a waterproof read!

woman in robe sitting on edge of bathtub

Treating Sore Muscles

If you’re using an Epsom Salt bath to soak your sore muscles, check the label for instructions on your best dilution. There are a variety of formulations created specifically for the relief of aching joints and muscles – we love Dr. Teal’s Pre & Post Workout blend and Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Therapeutic Soak.

Exfoliation & Prep for Hydration

If you find that there are still some grains of salt at the bottom of your tub that have yet to dissolve – you’re in luck. Use these granules to make soft, smooth circles up against your skin. Focus on your feet, knees, elbows, and any extra callused area on your body. After you’ve finished with your bath, pat your skin dry and massage your favorite hydrating lotion into those areas for total absorption.


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