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The rich, robust colors, lush greenery, and 1920’s vibe will have you ordering an extra dirty martini at the bar the moment you arrive. The Commodore Perry Estate is a swanky, one-of-a-kind resort located on 10 private acres in Austin, Texas. The decor was carefully curated to compliment the history of the Estate, featuring jewel-toned, velvet upholstery, polished brass fixtures, and a gilded (and amply stocked) bar cart in every room.

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Upon our arrival to our Pomegranate Suite, Chris and I were met with a bottle of champagne and a surprise framed portrait of us in celebration of our wedding anniversary. Thoughtful gestures like this don't go unnoticed! Every detail of our suite was well thought out and complemented the incredible history of the Commodore Perry Estate architecture.

We were quick to throw on our swimsuits and relax poolside under the beautiful, marigold umbrellas with matching loungers that appear to be taken straight from the set of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Another daily treat we partook in was their Weekday Punchbowl, where the mixologists put together a modern take on a classic cocktail recipe and serve it in an heirloom punchbowl for guests to linger around over cocktail hour. Speaking of libations, if you fancy yourself a bourbon connoisseur like Chris does, you must check out the Records and Reserves experience in the Listening Room. Every Saturday they gather guests for a curated collection of vinyl with drinks to match, ranging from limited, small batch bourbons to bubbly Pét-Nats--something for every palate. And in case you wake up on Sunday feeling the effects of the previous night's spirits, you can spend the afternoon relaxing on the Estate lawn as the chefs prepare a beautiful picnic spread for you to enjoy in the garden.

As we know, Austin is known as a destination city for foodies, so Commodore Perry Estate brought in two chefs with longstanding ties to the great state of Texas, who have incredible relationships with local ranchers and farmers. From creating their very own, in-house dry-aging process for steaks, to concocting their own soy sauce using local pecans, you're sure to receive a dining experience beautifully crafted and cared for. The Estate's head chefs, Bradley Nicholson and Susana Querejazu, are currently putting their culinary masterminds together to create a spectacular menu for their signature restaurant, Lutie's, opening in 2021. After dinner, I found out one of my absolute favorite bands, the Randy Roger band, was playing down the street, so we hopped in one of the luxury 2020 Mercedes-Benz vehicles provided to us by the Commodore Perry Estate and drove to the Nutty Brown Amphitheatre to dance our dinner off.

The fitness center has everything any wellness enthusiast could dream of, in addition to power yoga on the Estate lawn, sweat-inducing boot camps, and meditation by candlelight. Having just officially opened the resort this Summer, the Commodore Perry Estate spa is still under renovations, but from the sneak peek we received, we can confidently say it won't disappoint! A getaway with girlfriends, a bachelorette party celebration, or a romantic getaway with your partner are all perfect occasions to head South to Austin's charming Commodore Perry Estate.


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