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"From the moment we touched down in the land of aloha, our honeymoon adventure was elevated to pure magic, all thanks to Well Inspired Travels. Chris and Lauren meticulously curated every detail, from the stunning oceanfront villa to the intimate candlelit dinner on the beach under the stars. They even surprised us with a private helicopter tour over the majestic waterfalls of Kauai! Our hearts are forever grateful for the unforgettable memories we made in paradise."

-Jeff & Andrea


"From the tents of Camp Sarika to the crystal-clear waters of Turks & Caicos to the Great Smokey Mountains of Blackberry Farm, Well Inspired Travels has been the invisible hand with the personal touch on many of our unforgettable vacations.


Upon booking, we are immediately assisted with dining, spa and activity planning and encouraged to make the most of each property’s offerings. Chris & Lauren find joy in the small but significant details. Our favorite waters and wines are on ice upon arrival, our yoga mats are ready to roll and our children’s names are often customized on their sweet treats.


The Prongers’ connections within their industry hold serious weight. Property managers always refer to them by name in striving to ensure that our stay is seamless and flawless. Chris & Lauren know just how to create a special moment with creative touches and surprises. 


A well-inspired getaway is one that truly feeds the mind, body & soul."


"Traveling with Sal and children is my favorite way to create lifelong memories that I will cherish forever! These memories wouldn't be possible without the incredible team at Well Inspired Travel!  

From little sexy date trips, to family trips, to huge group trips, they have absolutely blown us away each trip! Each vacation they plan for us, we aren't sure how they can top the previous one, but time & time again, they always do! The team at WIT has planned trips for us all over the country, both domestically and internationally. We have never been disappointed, everywhere we go we would totally go back. Their recommendations are amazing, not only for the destinations, but excursions, activities & restaurants. WIT is so easy to work with and they completely take the stress out of traveling. Seriously, every detail is perfection and they truly go above and beyond. They make it so fun and easy. From top to bottom the trips are always planned out so perfectly with detailed itineraries, it's such a luxurious experience that I could not recommend enough! 

Some of our favorite places WIT has lead us to are Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, Sea Island, Georgia and The Breakers, West Palm Beach Florida to name a few! 

Anything WIT recommends is absolutely phenomenal and they will always be our go-to travel plans! We are so grateful to have them in our lives to help us create the most unforgettable experiences around the world!" 

Jeff and Anna Tegethoff 1.jpg

"My favorite aspect of our experience when working with Well Inspired Travels is the ease and efficiency. We continue to go back and work with Chris and Lauren because they understand and demonstrate the work ethic that their clients not only deserve, but expect. On every occasion they have been available and prompt in their responses and work, personally responding to our needs regardless of the time or day of the week. They always meet us with a matched excitement for our trip and are just as eager as we are to dive into planning. 

Every time we book with Well Inspired Travels, I notice a difference and benefit in doing so. They have demonstrated their worth and the advantage that they bring to the travel experience and we are grateful to have them guide and curate along the way during some of our life’s most special journeys!"

Paige Russell Elias.jpeg

"Why are you looking into Well Inspired Travels? If you are seeking a travel agency, then you are going to be a tad disappointed because Lauren and Chris Pronger are not travel agents whose goal is to book you on a great trip in a pretty location with some upscale amenities and some Instagrammable moments. It is possible that you are here because you are seeking something you can't quite describe - and perhaps that is because you've never obtained or attained it. Maybe you are here because you want to go a step beyond just booking a vacation "to get away from it all." It is possible that you are here because you are in need of a masterfully curated journey paved with a myriad of experiences that have the ability to affect, challenge, and transform you.


Lauren and Chris believe in the restorative power of travel and they understand the unique needs of celebrities, professional athletes, C-suite executives and high net-worth individuals and their families. Well Inspired Travels was created from and is fueled by the passion and knowledge Lauren has for holistic, intentional living and Chris' talent, work ethic and drive that propelled his successes both on and off the ice. Together they have built a business that enhances your ability to curate the lifestyle you seek through the life changes you choose."

Scott and Denise Karkos 1.jpeg

"We use Well Inspired Travels for every vacation. The team listens to everything we are hoping to do and then takes it to the next level. The hotels and experiences we have enjoyed have created the best memories for us, and are not something we could have curated on our own. We feel lucky to have found Well Inspired Travels and can’t recommend them enough!”





We hope you enjoyed hearing from some of our Well Inspired Travelers! As a lifelong world traveler and holistic health evangelist, Well Inspired Travels was created as a resource for those looking to enrich their lives and health while exploring new destinations. With that said, we'd love to help you plan your next adventure!


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