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Most moms I talk to share the same worry “Am I doing enough? Am I being enough?” These are the same worries that have kept me awake countless times. (And between diaper changes and now waiting for my teens to make it home in time to meet curfew, the last thing I need is another reason to lose sleep!)

Mom and Dad with kids outside happy

Ladies, let me tell you a secret – you ARE! You are doing enough. You are being enough! This mom-ming thing is a marathon, not a sprint. As a fellow mom, I’m pleading with you to take some time to recognize all that you do, realize that you are enough.

As moms, we’ve got to wear many hats. Chef, therapist, chauffeur, coach, nurse, friend, disciplinarian, teacher, cheerleader… the list goes on and on and this growing list has been the biggest source of pride and joy in my entire life.

The mix of hats we wear and everything we do to keep our families together is what I like to call “the Mom Hustle” and the mom hustle (and struggle) has taught me more about myself and what I am capable of than any other experience in my life. I remember thinking when I had three little kids and Chris was on the road often, that was a REAL mom hustle. When I had a second to breathe I found myself worrying how I was going to get through the next day! As my family has grown up, I’ve learned that it doesn’t get easier – you just get better. The mom hustle has taught me to pivot and to be able to switch hats when it’s needed – and to be able to take my “mom hat” off when that’s needed, too.

Balancing being everything we need to be for our families all while fulfilling what we feel our lives purpose to be is tough. As individuals, our goals and aspirations evolve as we grow. In my early twenties, the life that I pictured is far different than what I’ve designed for myself in my forties and with experience and wisdom (and loads of laughter) I’ve learned that that’s okay. I’ve launched Well Inspired Travels as a way to fulfill the dreams that I’ve always had for myself and my family.

Three kids sitting on pool ledge

I have learned that if I “drop a few balls” along the way (like not making that charity meeting, or volunteering at school, or forgetting that email) it’s ok and I refocus on slowing my juggling down to keep the most important 4 balls always in the air: Chris, Jack, George, and Lilah. Right now, I’m embracing the craziness and wearing all of the hats, because I know that in the blink of an eye they won’t need me to (as often) and I’ll look back on the chaotic weekday mornings, Saturdays spent navigating tournaments, and late nights and I’ll miss them. So, for now juggling more than 4 balls is enough for me and those balls are too precious to ever drop. I LOVE my mom hustle (and my “closet full of mom hats!”)


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