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I always knew I wanted to work when the time was right. Before Chris and I got together, my plan was to attend law school. Three pregnancies, raising three kids with a husband consistently on the road, four moves across the country, and nursing Chris through 14 surgeries later, here I am: a luxury travel consultant and female entrepreneur. And you know what? I couldn't be happier. I certainly didn't expect that my path would take me from dreaming of law school to owning my own business several years later, but two years ago an overwhelming feeling came over me that this was "my time"--my time to start something for myself, my time to pursue my true passions, and my time to give my family the chance to show me their undying support of my dreams.

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I'm sure other mothers can relate to the feeling that "this ship will sink if I'm not at the helm 24/7." We are personal shoppers for our families, errand runners for our households, chauffeurs to school and practices, nurses for sicknesses and broken bones, chefs for hungry mouths, and therapists for young, broken hearts. As mothers, we do it all, so the thought of doing something for ourselves is often times foreign, unnatural, and honestly...scary. But it was time to take a leap of faith. Chris was home consistently and the kids were all at the age of self sufficiency. I was so nervous to begin building Well Inspired Travels as I knew the time commitment it would take (and if you know me, you know I go all in when I put my mind to something). Then, something unexpected happened...

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As I spent long hours and late nights researching and crafting content for Well Inspired Travels, Chris and my children became my biggest cheerleaders. Jack, George, and Lilah told me how proud they were of me for creating something that fed my soul-- something that was truly for me. This new level of respect, admiration, and support from Chris and the kids made me emotional. My greatest pride has been and always will be my children, but I never considered that pursuing this dream of mine would be a source of pride for them. Tug at my heart strings!

As March is Women's History Month, it's important to talk about the struggles we go through as women and mothers to chase after our dreams, build the business we've been dreaming of, and release our fears and trust in the process. Well Inspired Travels has grown into a full time career for not only me, but for Chris as well. Together we've brought on a team comprised of several women, created job opportunities for women, and mentored those women along the way. Inspiring women to take control of their lives, gain financial freedom, and be empowered is one of my goals for Well Inspired Travels.

It's also important that my encouragement and mentorship of women goes outside my own business. I proudly work with organizations like The Covering House, World Pediatric Project, and SSM St. Louis Cardinal Glennon Hospital mentoring women during challenging times in their lives, while bringing awareness to these world- changing organizations.

If there is one thing I want every woman to take away from my story, it's this: It is never too late to chase after the dream you've been keeping tucked safely away in your mind.

Take the risk, empower yourself, and by doing so, you'll foster empowerment of those around you. Do it for women everywhere.

Happy Women's History Month!


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