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We hope this blog finds you and your families as well as can be expected during these unprecedented times. Amidst all the negatives, we are excited to share some happy thoughts answering a question that I am faced with often….”What is Wellness Travel?” Please enjoy this read below to answer this question. One thing that I am certain of is “wellness travel” will be more popular than ever once people do begin to explore and travel again. Until then let’s dream WIT style…

By now you know that our business, Well Inspired Travels, is based around the concept of wellness travel, but what exactly is wellness travel anyway? While the concept isn't exactly new, it's one of the fastest-growing sectors in the travel industry today. So if you're interested in knowing how you can return home from vacation without feeling like you need a detox from said vacation, read on...

Wellness travel is a simple concept: trips thoughtfully curated to establish and/or add to a healthy mind, body, and spiritual foundation. In the Pronger household, we’re firm believers in taking care of our bodies from the inside out, but part of that commitment to our well-being requires the same care while we're vacationing from our everyday lives. I think it's safe to say most people view their vacations as a time to let loose, indulge, and relax, and while we're big proponents of that, we think it can be done in a way that serves your health--not takes away from it.

A vacation focused on wellness involves healthy eating, physical activity, spa treatments, and spiritual rejuvenation. A perfect example of healthy eating done right is what The Ranch in Malibu provides for its guests. The chefs at The Ranch offer tastebud tantalizing dishes while sticking to a plant-based menu, a prime example being their incredible mushroom tacos with radicchio leaves and butternut squash soup! Proving that eating healthy doesn't require sacrificing taste, you can look forward to every meal on vacation and leave the guilt behind.

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When it comes to staying active on vacation, the options are endless. Through our years of scouting destinations for our clients, we've done everything from stand up paddleboarding (my personal favorite at Miraval Austin) and 6-mile hikes to floating yoga and HIIT classes. Regardless of the level of intensity you choose, the only thing that matters is that you're active and moving your body. Going on vacation shouldn't mean you have to derail all the progress you've made at home. By booking trips to resorts that offer a variety of fitness options, you can be confident knowing that you'll return home feeling just as good as when you left--or even better!

man and woman stretching at equinox gym

Wellness travel prioritizes relaxation and rejuvenation, therefore a vast spa selection is important wherever you go. The Equinox in New York City has absolutely nailed their spa services by offering everything from integrated circuits and massage and bodywork, to the skin and techno therapies. So whether you're looking to obtain a youthful and fresh, dewy glow, or need something a little more intensive for deep tissue healing, you can find exactly what your body needs at that time.

Possibly most important is the spiritual journey of wellness travel, which can have the most healing power of all.

The intention of the trips we book for our clients centers around reconnecting with who you are at your core, and Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico offers ways to do this beautifully. Their Cenote Temazcal Purification is a traditional Mayan practice that not only includes a physical component to detoxify the skin, but also involves a Shaman who guides you through a practice in controlling your thoughts with your mind--something that we all as an over-scheduled and distracted culture can benefit from.

Chris and I are passionate about wellness travel and have personally witnessed the transformative power it's had in people's lives and in our own. We founded Well Inspired Travels as our way of changing lives for the better, so if you're interested in changing the way you travel, let's talk!


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