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Mom and daughter with cucumber on eyes

Building Well Inspired Travels and compiling some of my family’s favorite ways to stay healthy on the road and in our home has been such a joy! Through the conception and creation of this blog, we’ve had the chance to work together to work on different projects, gain perspective from each member of our family, and take a closer look at the things we’ve always done and “never thought to share.”

While perfecting a couple of healthy recipes for our blog, my youngest, Lilah, placed two cucumbers to her eyes and said, “Mom! Look, a spa treatment, too!” This got me thinking… what other ways do we enhance the things that we’re already doing at home to take even better care of ourselves?

Here are three of what I’ll call or “home spa hacks,” that you can find me doing both at home and on the road to enhance my sleep, skin, hair, and overall mood! 

Woman and girl with spa masks on

DIY Sugar Scrubs 

Lilah makes the best sugar scrubs for friends, family, and teachers! She adds the specially blended scrubs to cute canisters we pick up at the craft store and decorates them for each season. Her recipe is quite simple – which is perfect for anyone who loves clean living!

  • 1 C granulated organic brown sugar

  • ½ C organic coconut oil, liquid 

  • 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil

Blend all of the ingredients together until creamy and pour into your sealable canister! Use in the shower or tub by rubbing a quarter-sized amount in circular motions across your body. Rinse well and enjoy smooth and softened skin!

Deep Conditioning At Home

young boy in robe with mud mask on

I cannot remember the last time I’ve been to the hair salon for a deep conditioning treatment, but I do try to treat my locks to this once per week. My favorite store bought conditioning treatment is made by KERASTASE but when I run out and I’m in a pinch, I whip this up. (Bonus: a great use for avocado that’s too ripe for your liking!) 

½ ripened avocado, mashed1 tsp olive oil 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil

I slather this on my ends and pile it on my head before sitting in the infrared sauna. The warmth helps to open my hair follicle and receive the moisture. I finish my sauna treatments with a shower and a  good scrub to remove impurities and this treatment helps naturally condition my hair! 

Treat Yourself to a Sheet Mask

Girl in pink robe with unicorn sheet mask on

Okay, so maybe this isn’t entirely DIY, but one thing I do is try to make the most out of my “me” time by getting two treatments done at once. When I book a massage therapist to visit our home and I always bust out my favorite sheet masks to wear while I’m lying on my back. I’ve also been known to use sheet masks on flights, in the spa bathroom area waiting for other treatments, and while kicking back with a book. 

Often, I get just as much joy in preparing my treatments as I do from the benefits of the treatments themselves. Plus, I love sharing any kid friendly DIY opportunities with my daughter. What ways do you pamper yourself at home or on the road? How do you squeeze in a bit of extra “me” time? 


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