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Let me let you in on a little secret that’s not so secret to my nearest and dearest: Texas has my heart. In fact, I proudly attended Southern Methodist University (SMU). I love taking trips down South and getting to live life as a Texan even if it’s just for a week – for now! We’re actually building our dream home in Austin and I’ll be sharing more about this ultimate passion project with Discovery Land Company in greater detail as time goes on. We cannot wait to call Driftwood Golf and Ranch Club home but until then, we’re having a blast visiting fabulous spots like Fairmont!

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While visiting Austin it’s always easy to find my balance at Fairmont. I love being able to spend the day strutting through shops in my favorite cowgirl boots I got from Allens Boot Shop (seriously – I’ve worn these endlessly for 15 years now!) grabbing drinks at some of the most lively bars I’ve ever been to, and dancing to new favorite bands. Most of Austin feels like it’s just a stone’s throw away, so it’s easy to make a full day of adventure by hitting all our favorite spots like Perla’s for lunch and topping off the day at Amy’s Ice Cream. All the action can be a full body workout, so it’s wonderful to return to the plush comforts of their iconic spa.

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[Of course, you’ve got to grab an iconic pic with the ones you love so much!]

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Towering over the city, Fairmont gives you a spectacular view and has an incredibly convenient location that still doesn’t feel congested when you’d like to get away from the hustle and bustle. As a newly constructed hotel it’s bursting with all of the fresh amenities and modern trends you’d expect to find, but it operates with the precision of a well-seasoned favorite.

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I consider the Fairmont to be a truly exquisite wellness property. In both their spa and gym they’ve developed or curated the very best treatments, techniques, and technology to create a whole body health haven.

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Fairmont Spa Offerings I LOVE!

It’s true: I often pick where I’m going based on the spa and gym alone. The spa and salon on this property are of the nicest I’ve found in Austin and they’re definitely on the top of my list for my return trip! Their emphasis on balanced living resonates with me – especially when I’ve made my way to Austin to enjoy some live music and nightlife! This spa hosts an abundant nine treatment rooms, couples VIP rooms, saunas, steam rooms, saline soaking pools, and every exquisite offering you’ve come to expect from a luxury experience.

As a health and wellness giant, Fairmont’s focus on organic, clean, and naturally effective treatments is unparalleled. I was thrilled to see they include VOYA in many of their treatments, and Tata Harper natural and sustainable skincare, too!

Among my favorite treatments were the Fairmont Spa Signature Expressions whole body treatment where you’re encouraged to fully soak in relaxation, exfoliated, slathered in a special blend of local herbs, massaged, and take in a rainfall shower. Cleansing, relaxing, and incredibly soothing are just a few of the words that come to mind!

Sole to Soul is another amazing specialty treatment that focuses on calming, cleansing, and nourishing the skin. The Nature’s True Indulgence at the end of this treatment was the icing on the cake and left the skin on my face feeling plumped and youthful.

Fitness at the Fairmont

As host to a range of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the fitness center including a breathtaking arrangement of state-of-the-art equipment including my favorite Peloton® bikes! Any time I see a Peloton® in my hotel’s fitness center, I’m relieved to know that no matter what I can get an incredible class in – any time! Chris and I use the Peloton app constantly because it can virtually transform any spin bike into the tool you need for an incredible workout. I’ve not been lucky enough yet to see the Peloton® Tread in a hotel, but knowing I have the app ready to use makes me confident I’ll get a killer sweat in anywhere.

The gym also includes SKILLMILL™ by Technogym which boasts glowing reviews among crossfitters and pro athletes. If you’re more into circuits and personal training direction during your workout, I highly recommend PRAMA by Pavigym. The fitness center offers this “digital personal trainer” where you’re directed via light and sound to different challenging stations to create the ultimate workout. (They do still have human personal trainers, and those I met were wonderful, too!)

Fairmont hotels are timeless because it’s clear they’re continually working to create a balance between the world-class amenities they’ve offered for over a hundred years, while constantly innovating and sharing the very best in hospitality.

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