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Chris and I make our way to Austin quite a bit – and it’s no secret that it’s one of our very favorite cities in the world. In fact, we love it so much we’re building our dream house there! Until we’re able to call Austin our home sweet home, the Four Seasons in Downtown does a tremendous job making us feel right at home. 

The energy in Austin is palpable! I pack my favorite boots so I can dance the night away with their vibrant music scene, bring my favorite shades for walking 2nd Street window shopping, and I’m always sure to carry on an extra swimsuit and workout outfit because the outdoor fitness options are phenomenal. Four Seasons has it all plus boasts the convenience of being in the heart of everywhere we want to go while visiting Austin, Texas. 

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Four Seasons Austin, Austion Texas, Four Seasons

The suites overlook either the bellowing trees and glistening waters of Lady Bird Lake or the sparkling downtown scenes – I prefer switching up my view every other time we stay as it’s like two different worlds all from one luxury locale. The suites and rooms feature everything you’d expect from the Four Seasons such as plush bedding and an immaculate interior. I always sleep so well while staying here!

A Day in Austin, Texas

If you’re ready to take in all the beauty, excitement, and uniqueness of Austin you’re in luck. The Four Seasons Austin concierge team does a fabulous job pointing me in the right direction if I’m looking for something in particular and I’m crunched for time. Austin is the kind of city you could walk (or bike) through and take pleasure in getting lost (on purpose) in (and we frequently do!) Art, food, cocktails, family fun – everything is there and we’re still working on trying it all. 

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Four Seasons Austin, Austion Texas, Four Seasons

My family loves spending the day on the trails at Lady Bird Lake. There are several shops who specialize in outfitting you with rented upright paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, day cruisers, and there are even rowing programs for adults and kids right outside of the Four Seasons on the lake. Escaping the city and spending time outdoors is one of my favorite ways to get my cardio in. Miles and miles of manicured trails make the perfect track for runners, walkers, and nature watchers, too! 

Make a memory you and your kids won’t soon forget: polish your night off around a crackling fire and watch the “bat show” over Lady Bird Lake! You can see and hear these spectacular little creatures from the comforts of the Four Seasons grounds – but we’ve also taken the special kayak tour with Live Love Paddle

Healthy Dining Options at Four Seasons

I firmly believe that how you eat your food plays just as important of a role as what you eat when maintaining your health. Mindful eating is a skill and though it can be tempting to indulge in the world around you, incredible and healthy dining experiences are abundant! 

Ciclo is the brainchild of restaurateur Richard Sandoval and Chef de Cuisine James Flowers. Here you’ll find the delightful infusion of spicy Texan and Spanish favorites, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and artfully smoked and grilled meats. My pick: if the Pan-Seared Bass is available – you’ve got to try it!

More Fitness at the Four Seasons

I don’t have to source fitness options while I’m visiting the Four Seasons in Austin, I’ve got everything at my fingertips. The fitness studio looks over the breathtaking grounds of Lady Bird Lake – I love watching the rowers at work or families walking the bridges and trails while I’m lifting or biking. Peaceful and inspiring, the fully-equipped twenty-four hour facility’s views are just as incredible as their many amenities! 

You’re always just a stone’s throw from the great outdoors and the bevvy of fitness offerings at Lady Bird Lake, but if you’d prefer to swim laps in the resort-style for your fitness regimen, the Four Seasons has you covered, too. 

Serene Spa Services

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Four Seasons Austin, Austion Texas, Four Seasons

The Himalayan Salt Wall glows in the background of the spa adding a look of cozy warmth while infusing the spa with respiratory benefits and negative ions! If you’d prefer your “outdoor” offerings be enjoyed in the comfort of a spa setting, you’re in luck! One of my favorite treatments at the Four Seasons in Austin is their signature Four Seasons Experience where you’re enveloped in a full body pampering session featuring locally grown sage and massaged with carefully curated Colorado River stones. If you’ve overdone it pounding the pavement walking the city streets or running through the trails I highly suggest their spectacular two-step foot ritual as an added treatment to any other service you pick.

It’s no secret that Four Seasons is synonymous with luxury and comfort. This beautifully renovated property shares everything we love about the Four Seasons family of hotels with the distinctive Austin vibe we can’t get enough of. 

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