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Fun, sexy, and a fabulous getaway when I’m wanting a bit of everything: The Joule is one of my Dallas favorites for good reason! This hot spot has made its niche in Dallas as a dazzling center for the arts, shopping, and wellness. Blending relaxation and vibrancy seamlessly, the team behind The Joule has truly created a gem. 

Often destinations have one or the other: a finger on the pulse of the arts scene or an acclaimed spa with a focus on relaxation. The Joule has it both and neither amenity is compromised by the other.

Great for Girls Trips

Group of ladies smiling in nice outfits

Of course, The Joule caters to anyone but I adore this locale for getting together with my girls.  As a Southern Methodist University Alumna, this spot is one of my favorite places to stay for a reunion with my college friends and (it’s also been the perfect escape for Chris and I when we’ve wanted some time for just the two of us). 

Drinks and Dining

Elegant bar

Midnight Rambler is our favorite if we’re looking to stay close to our hotel but we’re ready to get the party started. Absolutely exquisite, when you enter Midnight Rambler there’s what I call a “Modern & Sophisticated Punk Rock” feel and the aromatic and sparkling cocktails are to die for. Midnight Rambler is the creation of Chad Solomon and Christy Pope who are well known for New York City’s Cuffs & Buttons. 

The Lobby Bar is fabulous as a place to meet after everyone has gotten ready for a night out in Dallas. Here you can grab a cocktail to kick off the party and snap a few pics before heading out. More than a “lobby bar” the service is impeccable and you could absolutely spend some time here and savor an evening.

Brunch and Lunch 

I can not say enough great things about Tea at Taschen. I love the scene that’s set with the variety of page turners lining the walls, the delicate details set for afternoon tea (brunch and lunch!) and the uniqueness of it all. It’s like hosting a tea party for your best friends plus champagne. 

Fitness at The Joule

Truly a wellness destination, The Joule has made caring for your whole self possible while enjoying their retreat in Dallas. VITAL, the luxury underground fitness studio, includes all of my favorites: yoga, TRX, HIIT, boxing, and group classes. You can book a class with ease online before venturing out on the town – try the Rhythm Ride if you get a chance! 

There is also a fitness center on site that’s open twenty-four hours a day. Here you’ll find Excite Line and Precore aerobic equipment and all of the accessories and machines needed for an intense full body workout. 

The Spa at The Joule 

Hot tub in spa

Of course you can add a treatment or two to your stay and swing by the spa for a couple hours – but you’re going to wish you spent the entire day there. The Spa has a strong European influence offering exquisite treatments that are enhanced by its unique subterranean location. 

The skillful hands and hearts behind this spa understand the importance of customized treatments. After thoroughly evaluating your health needs and goals for your stay you’re able to depart on a fully submersive wellness journey here and I’m ready to go back already!

For the Face

I’m a big fan of Tata Harper Skincare and love the Tata Harper Beauty Without Compromise Facial. Tata Harper Skincare products have been a part of my beauty regimen for years and I get a bit giddy when I see a favorite spa has collaborated with them to offer signature treatments. The Spa also offers a fabulous Biologique Facial with a focus on deep cleansing and exfoliation with concentrated raw ingredients. 

Body and Massage

My favorite body ritual is the Earth Inspired holistic treatment where Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices are combined in a series of rituals designed to reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and relieve tension. Typically, I plan my spa day towards the end of my vacations and getaways so I can carry that relaxation well into my trip home but it’s hard to wait when you know a treatment is going to be this good!

I also enjoy the Fire & Ice Stone Massage at The Joule, a beautiful balance of the elements. The contrast of cooled crystals and smooth warm stones being used in a series of strokes, placements, and varied pressure help relieve muscle tension and help me slip into a deep relaxation.

I believe the vast benefits of cupping therapy are a crucial part of my health routine. Cupping is offered at The Spa in fifty or eighty minute increments and can help remove toxins, relieve pain, and improve circulation in your body. 

Shop and See 

Stunning interiors lined with modern art make this ultra-chic Dallas destination even more brilliant. You could spend the evening walking the lobby, halls, and boutiques here gazing at the collection you’ll find. 

Playing off of the fun, sexy, and sometimes curious vibe of The Joule, Hotel Shop by 4510/SIX offers a variety of gifts as an addition to the exquisite shopping you’ll already find here. Spruce up your wardrobe at Traffic LA that houses both a men’s and women’s store packed with designer brands like Costume National and BALMAIN. Thumb through the unexpected reads at The Taschen Library and stock up on pool and flight reads for your stay! 4510 draws attention from across Texas as a well known fashion and luxury home store where you can find everything from original artwork to the gorgeous cocktail dress you never knew you needed. 

The Joule is the ideal host for groups, gals, couples, and individuals who’d like a rich experience of art, music, glamor, and the ultimate in wellness on top of it all.

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