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This fruity and fun recipe is easy to customize for any occasion. The perfect snack that’s as cold and refreshing as ice cream, but it’s packed with protein and healthy fresh fruits! I have loved giving these treats to my kids since they were toddlers. 


  • 1 Cup of fresh organic blueberries

  • 1 Cup of fresh organic raspberries

  • 32 oz. Greek vanilla yogurt

  • Silicon trays, varying shapes (perfect for customizing!)

  • Piping bag or large plastic bag (cut the corner after filling)

Place washed berries in the bottom of the silicon dividers, lining the entire bottom of each shape. Pipe the Greek yogurt on top of the berries all the way to the top of the tray. Place filling in the freezer for 2 hours or until solid. Enjoy this sweet and healthy treat while frozen!  

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