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When I think to describe Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa the words fun, relaxed, chic, paradise, friendly, and modern all come to mind. We traveled to this resort as a family but it’s definitely a spot that you could gather all your closest friends or even have as your fabulous wedding locale. The Kimpton Seafire team has taken great care to create an environment that fosters fun and harnesses the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands. 

Sleek, modern, and sophisticated, this newer property boasts clean lines, bright pops of color, and yet somehow folds the sand and ocean in seamlessly. Only made better by the intuitive staff that’s eager to please, the Kimpton Seafire was a true highlight of our spring break. 

Family Smiling outside

Miles of beach, exploring the endless outdoor opportunities, a luxe fitness center, and completely rejuvenating spa helped me keep my health in check during my stay here. Coupled with healthy and delicious fare prepared fresh daily; upon departing from this property I felt rejuvenated from the inside out! 

Staying Active on and off the Resort

The Cayman Islands offer seven miles of beach that will take your breath away. Walking, jogging, or running the beach is an amenity on its own! Sea breeze, sunsets, and mornings so quiet all you hear is the gentle crash of the waves on the sand rock your soul into a meditative state that’s the perfect blend of peace and excitement. Sprinkling in some adventure off the beach, our family took a short boat ride to Stingray City during our stay – and this phenomenal excursion was a favorite! They actually call Stingrays “puppies of the sea” because they adore a good head rub and will play and “fall” over your hands urging you to keep petting them. Swimming with the rays changed my perspective on them entirely – and it was a great workout, too! 

Boat in ocean

Another active adventure we shared as a family was a visit to Starfish Point. Here we learned more about these mind boggling beauties and how they thrive in this special habitat. Teaching our children about conservation efforts across the world helps them grow so much and understand the impact they have on different environments globally. 

Cayman Turtle Centre took our breath away! Here we had a chance to swim with sea turtles and explore native plants and animals in an educational setting that felt more like fun than learning. Slides, shows, and up close encounters with Caribbean wild life we couldn’t have experienced anywhere else, every member of the Pronger family was happy to have made this trip.

Beachfront resort

Seafire’s home to an impressive assortment of activities, too! In addition to helping you plan excursions off the resort they’re home to a huge fitness center that has quality cardio equipment, free weights, and a variety of training opportunities. They also arrange group fitness classes daily featuring one of my absolute vacation favorites: Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga! 

Healthy Snacks + Meals at Seafire

Colorful juices in glass bottles

Feeding a family of five is no easy feat – everyone has their preferences and we are always ensuring we have some gluten free options available. Seafire’s restaurants and easy access to healthy dining options off the resort, too, helped us continue to eat mindfully and indulge just enough to celebrate our vacation together! 

My top dining picks for this trip include…

Ave:  Coconut + Palm Hearts Ceviche, Island Snapper, Heirloom Carrots

Coccoloba: Wilted Kale, Fish Tacos, Seared Scallops, Popsicles…on the beach! 

Seafire Pantry: Healthy Snacks, Smoothies, and Picnic Lunch for Excursions

Spa Finds at Seafire

Blue spa room

Between adventure together and cannonballs in the pool, I snuck away for some quiet time at SPA at Seafire. This special spot harnesses the healing properties of the beautiful Cayman Islands, sharing them with guests in some inventive ways! True to the Seafire aesthetic, it’s modern and vibrant with an appropriate kiss of beachiness throughout the spa. 

I tried the Sea Fan De-Age, a sea-inspired anti-aging treatment that uses a special blend of white algae, white tea, and white wine to exfoliate your skin and plump your collagen production – incredible! 

For something from the sea, I recommend their Vitamin Sea that uses Caymanian reef extracts which are packed full of minerals. Delicate strokes and rhythms massage the face and transform your skin. 

I also adore the full body treatments, Cayman Coconut Scrub and the Tranquility Meditative Ritual. Pair these experiences with fabulously peaceful Beach Break Caymanian nap on their specially made heated sand table for the ultimate experience! Pure bliss! 

Spa at Seafire has all of the extras to accentuate your spa day including sunless tanning treatments, aromatherapy, wraps, body polishes, reflexology, and an assortment of what they call “ Abbreviated Moments” where you can indulge in a variety of spa treatments in a shorter amount of time.

Family having fun in water

Spending quality time with my three children and husband fills my soul with such peace. Of course, like any family, we get caught in our routines. More often than not, my teens come in from school and sports and head straight to their rooms. Chris heads out on the road for work for days at a time, I keep the house in order and everyone fed and organized throughout the work week… the weeks fly by and sometimes we have to take a step back and re-prioritize. Planning special trips like this keeps us close. Weeks ahead of our adventure we’re chatting about what’s to come – and weeks after we’re laughing at some of the happenings of the trip. We adored our time at Kimpton Seafire in the Cayman Islands, and we’ll surely be talking about it for years to come.

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