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To live a well rounded life I feel like you’ve got to get your hands dirty, saddle up, and explore the world! The Resort at Paws Up in Montana is outfitted for everything you need to adventure in the great outdoors – in luxury.

family in wagon pulled by horse

Striking accommodations are available for anyone who’s interested in spending their time in the mountains in the lap of luxury. This special resort also offers a range of more “glamping” options including safari-style tents for an experience a bit closer to the Montana stars. 

kids fishing in water

Paws Up is just North of Missoula in a serene mountain setting giving travelers like me the ultimate serene mountain experience while being in a relatively convenient location. 37,000 acres include 10 miles of the fresh flowing crystal-clear river waters making this resort perfect for fisherman, cowboys, and anyone who could use a little time connecting with Mother Nature. 

The Great Outdoors 

The utter peace that I’ve found while traveling to Paws Up is perfectly complemented by the adrenaline-packed activities like trail riding, canoeing, and hot air ballooning! The adventurous minds behind Paws Up clearly understand the allure of everything that Montana has to offer – this resort has a little bit of everything and a whole lot of fresh air. 

mom and kids walking to cattle pen

If you’re following Well Inspired Travels closely, you’ll quickly notice that horseback riding is a fitness favorite for me. The experts at Paws Up respect and understand the healing powers of equestrian therapy and share this special time for travelers like me in their phenomenal offerings including: Horsepower, Horse Whispering, Horseback Riding, Carriage Rides, The Morning Jingle, Cattle Drives, and Arena Lessons for Kids. A land that’s true to its history, Montana ranchers run on horsepower and they’re eager to share the importance of these majestic animals with everyone who visits. 

Getting your family out for time together and activities you typically wouldn’t do at home isn’t hard – in fact you may have a bit of trouble deciding what to do first! Geocaching gives guests the opportunity to stretch their legs and use a keen sense of direction to find Montana treasures while Garnet Ghost Tours show those who prefer to be spooked a good time. My kids loved racing each other on the go karts and visiting the Kids Corps of Discovery.

I firmly believe in the healing powers of nature. Healthy foods, fresh air, and plenty of exercise are good for the body, mind, and soul. The relaxed atmosphere of Paws Up makes it easy to forget you’re living in 2019 as emails, texts, and instant messages feel utterly irrelevant when you’re staring into a roaring campfire surrounded by those you love most.

Wellness in the Mountains

Tent with bitterroot sign

The Spa at Paws Up shares regionally influenced treatments including massages enhanced by the glow of the night’s sky. Sharing quiet time together in the spa creates a romantic and restorative getaway during your rustic retreat – however, a little time alone at the spa is nice, too. 

man laying with son on hammock

Blackfoot River rocks smooth your cares away giving just enough pressure in all the right places, CBD salve soothes tired mountain climbing muscles, and there’s even a special massage designed to relax your dog’s travel weary paws (it’s complimentary with any 60 minute spa service and I think it’s a unique touch!) One of their most popular services, the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, was a clear favorite of mine as I huge proponent of the health benefits of Himalayan Salt and I love incorporating it into my wellness routine when possible.

Facials, wraps, and non-traditional treatments like Reiki are in abundance here. Mineral rich products infuse your skin so you look just as refreshed as your soul feels during your visit here!I adore the treatments shared just for kids. Clever names and special services that are just as fun as they are healthy make a spa day for the whole family possible! 

Wellness Classes at Paws Up

yoga mats on deck in field

I like to take a little bit of wellness knowledge home with me from wherever I travel. I think it’s important to attend a variety of classes all throughout my life because as practices change and the world evolves more becomes available to those who seek wellness! Every professional I’ve encountered at wellness retreats has been able to offer something new and valuable for my “wellness toolkit.” Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, Family Yoga, and Blindfolded Yoga are a few of my top choices for fitness and fun while staying at Paws Up! 

Paws Up Meals and Libations 

southern restaurant tables

Paws Up very own Pomp and Trough offer completely different cuisine to guests and the public serving everything from sizzling locally raised hand-cut meats to extraordinary pastries and light breakfast fare. You’re likely going to be extremely active while visiting Paws Up and the hospitality team here recognizes the importance of food as fuel. Savoring local flavor that’s wholesome and hearty is still made healthy! Fresh vegetables and mountain-foraged foods are the foundations in many of delectable dishes. 

kid with marshmallow in mouth

Rustic, remote charm and carefully curated experiences are paired with a great deal of lavish details throughout Paws Up. An unexpected combination of outdoor adventure and luxe pampering find harmony here at The Last Best Place™️.

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