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Everyone has a part of their morning routine they cannot compromise. Whether you prefer ten minutes of silence before opening your eyes, you adore a thorough stretch, or you’ve eaten the same breakfast toast for twenty-three years in a row, you know what I’m talking about.

For me – it’s my healthy gut cocktail to boost my day. In fact, I love this elixir so much that I prep for it every weekend, and it’s a recipe my girlfriends have asked me for, for years!

woman looking out window with healthy drink in hand

Before heading to bed, I prep my “cocktail station” in my bathroom. Having this special area where you’re starting your day really helps you remember to take time for yourself and instills your elixir as a part of your routine. At my station I have my favorite glass water bottle (with a lid) filled half full with water + two of my pre-made fresh lemon juice ice cubes. (More on these later!)

By the morning, my cubes have melted and I have a refreshing water that’s room temperature. I’ve learned that room temperature water is best for your system to absorb first thing in the morning. Added to my water are:

  • 1 Scoop of Pure I-Glutamine: I think of this as the “glue” that keeps my gut lining in good health and supports its protective barriers. This amino acid is excellent for your gut health lining, and helps heal and avoid “leaky gut.”  

  • 1 Heaping Scoop of Super Greens: I love the Welleco brand and I am OBSESSED with this product. (I’ll probably write a separate blog about this later!)

  • 3 Scoops of Vital Proteins: This combination of proteins are so beneficial to your bone health, joints, skin, & nails. I personally like to alternate between their Marine & Original formulations.

I add the lid on my water bottle, shake it vigorously, and bottoms up! I drink my “Healthy Gut Cocktail” first thing in the morning so it hits my empty stomach so it’s completely absorbed and I get the full benefits. I prefer to wait 30 minutes before having any coffee or food.

Fresh Lemon Juice Ice Cubes:

Woman smiling and cutting lemons

Let’s be honest – no one has the time to clean, slice, and juice fresh lemons every single morning. When I learned to do this I never looked back!

Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your favorite ice cube trays and let them freeze. Voila! Take thirty minutes Sunday afternoon to set yourself up for a refreshing week.


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