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Any time your vacation getaway is paired with the fresh Pacific Coastal air you can bet it’s going to be good for your soul. We’ve all heard the benefits of time spent by the sea and I truly believe that as a Midwestern girl there’s a balance that comes a little time spent by the beach, and in the mountains, and among the cornfields. Montage Laguna Beach offers a totally enriching experience for us landlocked Prongers – giving us breathtaking views and all the sunshine and serenity that’s needed for a totally transformative trip. 

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There’s no shortage of wellness events and opportunities, these special offerings paired with the numerous sun soaked recreational classes and excursions are fuel for the soul! My entire family loves to travel to Montage Laguna Beach properties and I find these resorts to be equally peaceful and enchanting when it’s just Chris and me traveling together. Because we had the pleasure of living in the area for over three years, we have so many beautiful memories and friends that bring us back to Southern California several times a year. This special region will always be dear to our hearts as Chris won the Stanley Cup here as part of the Anaheim Ducks, a moment only surprised by the birth of our baby girl Lilah! 

Making Your Montage Getaway

Planning our activities with wellness in mind isn’t hard to do when we’re gearing up for a Montage vacation. The Laguna Beach locale offers a variety of activities for my sea-loving boys including whale watching, sailing, and sportfishing. Our whole family can’t get enough standup paddle boarding, bike tours, golfing, and snorkeling excursions! 

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Beyond the vast healthy living finds, though, there’s an assortment of family beach and water fun. The concierge can easily connect you with all of the regional theme parks the kids love and a burst of adrenaline from your favorite rides can certainly get your heart pumping. Spending all day at the theme parks and returning to the peace and serenity of the Laguna Beach resort is certainly a juxtaposition of experiences you won’t find in just any vacation.

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Health and Wellness at Montage

Montage properties are renowned for their emphasis on healthy living – nourishing your body, mind, and soul. Between educational and spiritual experiences on the pacific you’re able to indulge in the many treatments exclusively available at Montage Laguna Beach. The spa is unlike any other on the West Coast; pairing the modern advances of fitness and wellness with timeless practices of the region and across the world. 

Spa offerings far exceed what you’d dream of for a healthy retreat. When you enter the Laguna beach Spa Montage it’s clear they’ve thoughtfully orchestrated a soothing experience. Valmont products are used to execute facial therapies helping you achieve smoother, healthier looking skin practically immediately! Full body services of an assortment of massages and mineral-infusing wraps are ready to sweep you away to a whole other world! Waiting and resting before and between treatments is just as peaceful as the treatments, too! The spa has beautiful views of the Pacific and a heartwarming staff eager to serve you and your every need.

My favorite spa picks include the Body Firming Detox Wrap, Seven Flower Ritual, and The Masterpiece (it’s truly a work of art!)

A special spa experience can be crafted just for you as part of the Elements series. Here at Laguna Beach Spa Montage a spa professional learns more about your health and wellness goals during an in-depth consultation. After your consultation you’re paired with spa experts such as Master Massage Therapists who perform a balanced assortment of treatments creating a lavish and healing stay at Spa Montage. 

A Feast for the Senses

In addition to private dining opportunities where you can celebrate exclusively with an intimate party of two or your closest fifty friends, Montage Laguna Beach shares the skillful passion of inspired chefs at Studio, The Loft, and Mosaic Bar and Grille. Three very unique spots housed in harmony on the property give you a well-rounded culinary experience during your stay. Studio’s sweeping Pacific views, mouthwatering cuisine, and unmatched service draw Chris and I back to celebrate special occasions including our anniversaries. Indulgent spots like this favorite restaurant of ours make every day a celebration – so even if we’re not in the area for our special moments, we find a reason for a special date night.

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It’s easy to keep your healthy eating goals in check while staying at this Laguna Beach- property as the resident chefs source farm fresh ingredients and focus on the rich offerings of the region while creating menus. Seafood, fruits, and veggies were the stars on most of my plates – and true to Montage hospitality, I was tempted with a handcrafted dessert nearly every evening.

Upholding the pristine standards of Montage, the Laguna Beach property has been completely restored and I look forward to returning to the newly reimagined oceanside spaces very soon! 

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