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Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Las Vegas, Nevada, The Venetian

The excitement and energy draws Chris and I to Vegas all throughout the year. As you might imagine all of the late nights, early mornings, and the dry desert weather can take quite a toll on your skin. The classic Venetian’s home to one of the largest day spas in the world, and as a Canyon Ranch property it doesn’t disappoint. 

The luxurious amenities of a Canyon Ranch spa nearby no matter where you’re staying in Vegas is a godsend. This special corner of Sin City features heavenly spa treatments and immense fitness offerings.

A Day at Canyon Ranch

As a day spa and part of The Venetian, Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness, Vegas can accommodate hotel guests and day guests alike. Check out their day pass if you’re in the mood to indulge.  The expansive site gives all who enter plenty of space to relax and unwind – helping you forget you’re in one of the wildest cities in the world. Peace is always part of the menu and a few of my favorite offerings include:

Seasonal Body Scrubs

Refreshing scrubs cleanse you from head to toe leaving your skin supple and kissed with the freshest ingredients available. Seasonal scents range from crisp citrus to garden-fresh herbs and beyond.

Bowl of salts with heart

Massage and Enhancements

The skilled hands you’d expect to find at a Canyon Ranch property are eager to ease your ailments through a combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques. Enhance your experience with acupuncture, ritual baths, and body baths.


Towering Fitness Finds 

Climb your cares away – part of the spa’s fitness offerings include an exhilarating rock wall. Challenging and invigorating, this workout is a great way to get your blood pumping and you can practice your skills before hitting the desert. 

Hotel spa hot tub

Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness at The Veneitan boasts many of the abundant wellness experiences you may find at other Canyon Ranch properties and like all Canyon Ranch destinations there’s an emphasis on local flair. 

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