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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I guess I’m about to break the rules! I cannot wait to share all of my favorite things about our special times at Wynn and The Spa at Encore

It seems counterintuitive to write about rest, relaxation, and peaceful moments at the spa when sharing about a fantastic Las Vegas vacation! The juxtaposition of ultimate luxury and spa offerings with the excitement and glitz of Las Vegas are part of what make this destination one of Chris and my favorite places to escape when it’s just the two of us. 

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Las Vegas is THE place to celebrate just about anything that’s happening in your life, and we’ve had so many positive memories made here. (Yes, it’s possible to remember the fun you’ve had in Vegas!) We’ve had the pleasure of staying with the incredible hospitality gurus at Wynn Las Vegas more times than I can count and it’s been our home away from home while in town for NHL awards, friend’s bachelorette parties, and couple’s retreats. 

I believe true wellness comes from living a life that’s balanced with all of the things that you love. A well-balanced life for me means being able to indulge in some late night fun with my friends and husband, and also making it to SoulCycle the next day! Wynn has found the perfect recipe to nourish a travel enthusiast’s whole self by offering the best in dining, engaging events, and complete luxury.

The Rooms at Wynn

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Each room at the Wynn, to me, feels like your very own corner of a luxurious spa. Plush bedding, warm and soft tones, comfortable, and clean! I always rest well when I’m staying at Wynn and the staff is always exceptionally accommodating helping me add or remove the items I need for my best sleep. 

My Favorites from The Spa at Wynn

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This spa was the first to receive the honored Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating, and it’s received this rating every year that it’s been open ever since! With all of the luxe amenities available at your fingertips in Las Vegas, carrying this distinction speaks for itself. The Spa at Wynn is among my favorites. It’s light, bright, and airy while still maintaining an intimate feel. Spa services are performed by the best; my most recent treatment there included a deep tissue massage followed by a mouthwatering spread at Lakeside at Wynn. (The perfect way to cap off an afternoon at the spa!) 

Encore, please! More Indulgence at Encore and Encore Spa 

Elegant lounge

The Spa at Wynn is currently under renovation through September, and though they’re offering most everything at a satellite location I was able to visit their sexy sister locale Encore. Encore Spa’s Encore Foot Surrender is the perfect remedy for tired and achy feet after a night of dancing in heels (one of my favorite cardio exercises while in Vegas!) Another Encore favorite I love is described on their site as, “Bodhi Massage and Visualization A unique mind-body experience, this treatment is designed to gently open and balance the body’s seven main energy centers or Chakras. A powerful blend of massage, energy work, aroma and color light therapy is followed by a guided visualization that truly unifies body and soul.” I am a big believer in the healing power of being submerged in color light therapy. Taking the time to really let go and wash yourself in relaxation amidst the excitement of stunning Las Vegas is a must! 

The fitness class offerings at Encore are fantastic! Of course, I love their Pilates and group classes! You’ll find all of the classics including core-focused fitness and full body training. You can also have a personal trainer visit your room for private instruction! This feature is fantastic for anyone who’d like to dive deeper into their form and receive tips from an expert in a low key setting.

The spa features a bevy of signature treatments specialized for nourishing your skin and soul, and they’ve got fitness classes to keep your cardio in check. If it includes Pilates, I’m there! The Spa at Wynn offers Mat Pilates in a super intimate setting where your core, flexibility, posture, and body alignment are put to work in a series of floor exercises. I loved the class that’s limited to just two because you get an intense workout under the direction of an expert and though I’ve been working out for years I’ve found there’s always room to improve and learn from the best!

Making Memories to Last a Lifetime

Chris and I have been lucky enough to celebrate an array of special moments with our nearest and dearest in Las Vegas. Soaking in the sun with poolside cocktails by day, live loud tunes lit by neon at night! Looking back at all of our wildest moments: dining next to The King of Pop, Chris receiving the Hart Memorial Trophy, our 10th anniversary celebration with all our groomsmen and bridesmaids – all of it happened in Vegas! And I’m SO grateful that sometimes – what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas. 

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