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Desert and sea collide in Los Cabos and the result is invigorating. Healing properties known only to the desert can be married in the best that the sea has to offer. One & Only Palmilla shares these special properties in an exclusive resort situated at the Southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. 

Water, sand, and all of the vibrance of Mexican culture dance together to create lasting memories for us every time we visit! While visiting One & Only Palmilla, it’s easy to create a fabulous well inspired experience and I’m thrilled to get the chance to share what I love the most.

ocean view with rock cliffs

Exciting enough to be your family’s next group destination and peaceful enough to be a favorite for couples and friendly getaways, One & Only is hosts every traveler looking for a sun soaked adventure.

Dining at One & Only

Man and woman smiling

Restaurants, bars, and lounges work together to share a bit of the best of everything in Los Cabos. On the property at One & Only you’ll find Seared by One & Only™️, Agua, Suviche, Breeze, and Pelican Beach Grill. All share unique opportunities for foodies looking for fresh and artful cuisine.


Here are my favorite menu picks!

Seared by One & Only™️: Grilled Red Snapper, Grilled Salmon Steak, Marinated Vegetable Kabobs, Local Beet and Strawberry with Mint salad

Agua: Local Sea Bass Ceviche, Heart of Palm and Papaya Salad, Bouillabaisse with Organic Vegetables

Suviche: Striped Bass “Aguachile” with Cilantro, Seared Salmon, Shiitake Mushroom Maki

Breeze: Poolside tacos

Pelican Beach Grill: Salads & Ice Cold Coconut Water

Activities at One & Only

Sharing bites, laughs, and cocktails throughout the resort’s grounds makes One & Only a healthy diner’s haven; you’re just as fueled by the inspiring views as you are the healthy and fresh foods you eat! There’s plenty of time between breakfast, lunch, and dinner to partake in the fabulous assortment of activities here. One & Only Palmilla’s activities coordinators have sourced and shared some special experiences exclusive to the resort and the region.

Stand-up paddleboarding, a Pronger family favorite, can be done here. I love this core-blasting exercise and Chris and Jack love a healthy competition. You can also grab kayaks and cruise the Baja coast – a very unique way to tour the landscape and if you’re lucky you get an up-close look at some gorgeous fish, too. 

Whale watching, surfing, and deep sea fishing are offered up here as well. All of these special activities are hosted by experts which make them just as informative as they are fun! Another way I mix in some togetherness… group exercise classes. Some classes can be scaled in a way that each one of my family members can do it – others work better for just mom. The fitness finds here are great for any fitness level.

Fitness at One & Only

Hotel gym

Bursting with all of my favorites – the fitness center here is equipped with Technogym® equipment and TRX® suspension systems. I love the views this spot offers as they literally bring the outdoors in – double doors open wide and there are even pieces of equipment outside you can hit your goals on! 

If group or individual classes are more your style – you’ll love to know that you can take beachside yoga or pilates at One & Only. Get kissed by the Mexican sun and refreshed by the ocean breeze during your cardio session. 

Wellness Retreats at One & Only

Health experts at the One & Only Palmilla have designed specialty retreats to focus on certain areas of your wellness. Fitness classes, fresh and raw food menus, and a large emphasis on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health are part of these exclusive offerings. These retreats virtually transform One & Only into luxe wellness facilities and they’re peppered throughout the year. 

One & Only Spa

One & Only Spa is fueled by ESPA products – blending the best in spa technology and ancient regional practices. Sunbaked clay accents, an ornate stone courtyard, and terracotta roof enhance the feel of a truly authentic healing experience. I love when a spa takes the time to share a thorough consultation before treatment. Tours of the private rooms and in-depth conversation lay the foundation for trust in the process and the highly trained ESPA therapists. Here I found a bit of the outdoors flooded into the private healing rooms – tree branches growing into the terraces, birdsong providing the soundtrack. 

Among my favorite spa massage offerings are the Baja Deep Tissue Pindas Ritual, the Surfer’s/Golfer’s Relief Massage, and the One & Only Mindful Massage. Special services can be conducted oceanside under the privacy of Palpas.

tanning bed near pool and plants

Only & Only Spa offers an incredible Personalized Body Ritual, too, so if you’re aiming to relax, focus on pain relief, or boost your immunity they have a series of rituals conducted in harmony to help you achieve your wellness goals! Ah, I’m ready to go back, already!

Ancient Healing Treatment Consultation with Shaman and Ancient Mexican Remedies unique to One & Only share the wisdom and expertise of the region. It’s an absolutely privilege and pleasure to be able to learn from Shamans like Raúl Retana.

Peace, adventure, decadent, and detoxifying. One & Only Palmilla has found the balance and I’m so glad to have found One & Only!

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