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“I wanted to capture the beauty of nature in a hotel and commit to safeguarding it as best I can, a responsibility that I believe we all share. It’s 1 world. But 1 is more than a hotel – it’s a philosophy and a platform for change.” –Barry Sternlicht, CEO & Chairman, 1 Hotels

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Businesses such as inspired hotels have stories and “About Us” tabs on their website to peruse, but few I’ve visited feel as deeply enchanted by their mission statement as 1 Hotel South Beach. The conscious and positive culture created by the CEO of 1 Hotels rings throughout the lobby, into beautifully decorated suites peppered with sustainable pieces, into Anatomy, and rests on the Himalayan salt-slabbed treatment beds at Bamford Haybarn Spa

Staff & Company Culture

Each staff member I encountered carried a positive aura and a seemingly intuitive vibe at 1 Hotel South Beach. Staff members greeted me with a warmth and readiness that made me feel welcomed from my first moments in the lobby and were quick to answer any questions that I had about the natural elements found throughout the hotel and any offering from spa to personal training services. 1 Hotel considers itself a platform for change, so it’s no surprise so many staff are enthused about the positive innovations this property has made to lessen their environmental impact!

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Natural Design and Decor  

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As a health and wellness enthusiast, I’m always on the hunt for hotels, resorts, and getaways that can offer something different. The “mindful moments” seamlessly incorporated throughout the design of 1 Hotel South Beach were just enough to remind us of our environmental impact throughout our daily rituals, and it felt good knowing the decisions I made while there were contributing to a positive change. Reclaimed pieces, water, and fire are married in varied elements throughout the property – giving you a grounded feeling that’s lasting and so relaxing.  

Healthy Dining at 1 Hotel South Beach

There’s nothing worse than immediately reversing your healthy workout with an indulgent and decadent dining experience. Luckily, I was able to truly indulge – with a collection of flavorful and nourishing options. Taste, STK, the Lobby Farmstand, Neighbors, Plnthouse, and Habitat were among my favorites while visiting! 

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Habitat, a fusion Asian eatery with a Raw Bar + Grill vibe is the brainchild of local chef, Jose Mendin. This spot is gorgeous all year long – and has beautifully blended nature within its walls to create a natural fresh-air feel. 

It’s always snack time somewhere! I stocked up on on-the-go, sustainably created goodies at Neighbors when I wasn’t shopping the Lobby Farmstand for treats and trinkets to take home. 

We spent the first day soaking in the sun and taking in the vibes on the rooftop bar. This is the spot for loud lively music and ice cold cocktails – plus they celebrate happy hour like no other. If you’re looking for a more relaxed retreat, I recommend the lower level pool, which is also incredible. There you’ll find a more serene experience – and we spent time at both locales! 

Wellness + Anatomy at 1 Hotel South Beach

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It’s not every day that your resort is home to a SoulCycle, so of course I took complete advantage. Spinning, sweating, and basking in the 2,600 square foot glory of this space was a favorite part of my routine during my visit and it’s the perfect complement to the offerings at Anatomy and the Bamford Haybarn Spa. Anatomy’s wellness-centered culture was so incredibly motivating – leaving the grunts and side eye at the door. Only guests and members are given entrance to this fully equipped gym, and it’s truly a one-stop shop for all things fitness. Personal Training professionals are touted “Body Architects” and for good reason – their expertise literally chisels and sculpts! 

Bamford Haybarn Spa

“What goes on the body is as important as what we put inside” – Carole Bamford. When I read this quote while visiting the spa it really resonated with me. Often, we visit a spa or salon more concerned with aesthetic effects and don’t take pause to consider that everything we’re applying to our skin is penetrating our wellness as well – for better or worse. I felt 100% satisfied knowing this spa was just as concerned with my mind, body, and spirit, as they were providing a relaxing and pampering environment. Every element found in the spa was thoughtfully considered to create a wellness utopia – and as the first Bamford Haybarn Spa in the U.S., it’s a model for those who’ve come after. 

My favorite full body treatments are the Bamford Signature Treatment, the B Silent, and the De-Stress full body massage. I choose which treatment to have based on how I’m feeling during my visit; the Bamford Signature Treatment is fantastic for when I’m looking to awaken my senses and uplift my spirit. If I’ve had a high-key day of travel or I’m feeling extra muscle soreness I opt for the B Silent or De-Stress. 

Adding the incredibly gorgeous and equally beneficial Himalayan salt table to any treatment is an exquisite element you’d be hard pressed to find at other spas. This exclusive table is part of specialty Himalayan salt treatments that improve respiratory function, make your skin smooth and shiny, and soften your body from head to toe! People have loved treating themselves with the benefits of Himalayan salts for ages – and 1 Hotel South Beach has taken it to an entirely new level. I love how the beauty of this table and room flows seamlessly into their spa that already encompasses so many naturally awe-inspiring elements!

Beauty is only skin deep – but Bamford Haybarn ensures your skin is glowing, radiant, and well loved. The Bamford Awakening Facial and the 24 KARAT GOLD FACIAL are among my favorites in the world – and both can be enjoyed by themselves or part of incredible packages. As I type this it’s taking everything in me to not book a flight back to Miami! 

The hospitality, food, fitness offerings, and spa treatments at 1 Hotel South Beach were fuel to my soul. From the farm fresh offerings available at your fingertips in all four corners of the property to the visually inspiring architectural elements that spark conversation at every corner – this is a trip I will not soon forget. 

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