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Not every resort offers such a robust assortment of health and wellness amenities that you consider adding extra time to your stay just so you can try them all! When I knew I’d be in the Miami Beach area, I knew it was time to give the newly renovated Carillon a visit! Their health and wellness offerings make them a favorite among guests with a passion for Oriental Medicine, the latest tech and health advancements, and anyone interested in improving their mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami, Miami Florida, Carillon Wellness Resort, Carillon Wellness

Fitness at the Carillon

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami, Miami Florida, Carillon Wellness Resort, Carillon Wellness

This property has at least twenty group classes offered every single day – so there’s virtually no excuse to every say you missed your class. Offering everything from TRX, bootcamp, to aquatics, boxing, and more, I truly had a hard time deciding which to attend. After choosing classes and scoping the gym out, I made my game plan to hit the infrared sauna before my shower just as I would at home.

I think it’s nice to add a touch of your home wellness routine to what you do on the road, because it’s so easy to experience sensory overload while traveling. Carillon does an impeccable job at including a vast amount of experience and sharing helpful staff without being overwhelming.


Spa Offerings I Love

The spa offers everything you love about traditional spa treatments – and so much more. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine is there to provide acupuncture treatments, licensed counselors share a variety of specialized sessions, cryotherapy is available to help restore your body after intense expert-led workouts. I’ve found the Carillon truly has everything that’s needed to nourish your whole body – mind, body, spirit. 

Any wellness resort that recognizes the importance of spiritual, mental, and emotional health, to me, deserves a second look. All too often men and women are inundated with quick fixes for their physical health and appearance and we glaze over what needs help inside. Visiting a resort that fuels your body’s emotional and mental health is a truly rejuvenating experience. 

Healthy Dining Away from Home

Fresh. Organic. Ingredient-driven. All of these buzz words can be found among the scrumptious dining options – and I’ve tasted the truth! Every dining offering at Carillon is sourced or created with health in mind. Just as you’d expect of an oceanfront property, fresh seafood finds its way into a number of dishes that are making my mouth water just thinking about them. The Strand Bar and Grill lets you dine on the terrace and take in the beautiful scenery – which is food for the soul. 

If you’re more interested in R&R than you are in an evening out, in-suite dining services are available with a host of options from the restaurant which means you can snack, relax, and watch the waves in your pajamas all at the same time.

Exploring Miami Beach Outside the Property

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Miami, Miami Florida, Carillon Wellness Resort, Carillon Wellness

Even when I find myself surrounded by the beauty of serene resorts like Carillon I crave adventure. Luckily, there’s a variety of active ideas that you can try to keep your thirst for excitement quenched and your healthy goals in check. Ask your concierge for recommendations and start flipping through some of the fabulous ideas at Carillon Golf, anyone?

I love that the Carillon gives guests the opportunity to dig down deep inside or dive into the Atlantic! Looking at life through a healthy lens has made me appreciate spaces and places that bring those ready to elevate themselves together. Carillon’s spacious interior is somehow filled with positivity and a warmth I can’t wait to experience again. 

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