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"Balance is not something you find, it is something you create." This is the belief Miraval Austin is rooted in and for good reason. As an industry leader in mindfulness resorts and spas, Miraval--specifically Miraval Austin--is truly a sanctuary for your soul. From the moment I stepped onto their beautiful acreage, I felt an immediate sense of peace. Miraval resorts have always been a favorite of mine, and Miraval Austin certainly did not disappoint! By offering inclusive packages for mindful journeys, you're transported out of your day-to-day and into a unique space where spending your time immersed in the tranquility of nature is at the core of everything you do.

Fitness at Miraval Austin

Before jumping into any of their fitness offerings, you should know that any activity you choose is complimentary with your stay and an expert team is available to help you

decide between a great choice, or an even greater one! After stepping off the plane and

getting settled in, I was ready to get my body moving and work up a true Texas sweat!

I'm a yogi. September is National Yoga Month. Miraval Austin offers every type of yoga you could dream of. Did the stars align or what? I started my day with Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (one of my absolute favorites!), which incorporates a full-body workout while floating on water.

If you prefer staying on land, Miraval Austin also offers:

  • Fun Flow Aerial Yoga and Restorative Aerial Skills Yoga

  • Tex Zen Yoga

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Hatha Yin/Yang Yoga

  • Slow Flow Yoga and several more!

model lying in swimwear

woman in pool

After becoming one with nature out on the water, I jumped into a Cardio Drumming class, which marries high-energy, aerobic movements to the rhythm of drums--an excuse to release your inner musician! And if you're looking for something even more challenging, I recommend the calorie-blasting Exhale HIIT workout, which had me questioning whether I had the energy to keep going, but knowing the spa was waiting for me at the end, I powered through.

You know the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"? Well, when in Texas, slide into your cowboy boots and try the Country Line Dancing and Texas Two- Step classes. Any excuse to dance my way through calorie burning is a win in my book. With so many incredible fitness options to choose from, I couldn't get through them all on this trip, so I’ll be back to check Cardio Dance, Happy Hips, and Pilates Fusion off my fitness bucket list.

Life in Balance Spa at Miraval Austin

After a day full of adventure and fitness, the serenity of the spa was calling. Their motto, "We value elegance over excess, self-care without clutter. Thrive thoughtfully.” is great inspiration to live by and each spa attendant exemplifies this beautifully. Ayurveda, which is a holistic approach to self-healing, offers a range of therapies to restore balance and expand self-awareness. Personally, Chris has benefitted greatly from many of these therapies as they treat root causes over symptoms.

My favorite Ayurveda therapy was the Shamana-Karma, which starts with a massage using a blend of aromatic oils, followed by an immunity-boosting wrap and hibiscus powder dusting, purifying both your skin and spirit. Other spa offerings include:

  • Abhyanga, a balance-restoring massage with healing properties to the nervous system, joints, and muscles (perfect for athletes!)

  • Rasayana Renewal Ritual, a head-to-toe, tension relieving massage utilizing deep pressure, heated dosha oils, and a hibiscus grain buffing

  • Pradhana Veda, the ultimate relaxation experience, involving an herbal oil massage, followed by an herbal oil stream poured over the forehead releasing toxins and melting away tension, and ending with an aromatic wrap and scalp massage

If you already love wraps--as well as peels and scrubs--for the nourishment and outward glow they provide your skin, then the Body Renewal Rituals menu will be sure to please your complexion. My two favorite offerings were Abundance and Ginger Healer. The Abundance Ritual is an 80-minute exfoliation and rejuvenating miracle treatment for your skin, while the Ginger Healer compliments it beautifully by incorporating restorative and therapeutic massage using healing pure ginger rosemary oil, followed by a ginger salt glaze scrub to invigorate your senses.

woman laying in hammock

Energy and Eastern offer a variety of techniques to heal and restore your mind as

much as your body. I had the pleasure of experiencing the Pravasana, guided

meditation, marma point therapy, and acupressure massage to the sounds of Tibetan bowls, which gently lead you into a deep state of intention and relaxation.

Are you convinced yet that Miraval Austin's Life in Balance Spa is heaven on earth? As

if all the treatments and therapies I experienced weren't enough, they also offer an array of Enhancements, which range from an eye and lip refresher, to the Kesa, which was just what my long locks needed. This 20-minute scalp treatment strengthens the hair,

followed by a stimulating scalp massage. The longer you leave the oil in, the greater the

benefits to your hair, so I styled a chic, low bun for dinner that evening. When I woke the

next morning to wash, I revealed the silkiest hair I've ever had!

Massage services are a given when exploring any spa, but Miraval Austin is known for delivering an elevated massage experience. I chose both the Tibetan Bowl Massage and the Austin Apothecary Massage, both aimed to deliver a sensory journey through sound and smell, respectively.

Something I've enjoyed at every Miraval property is their Skin Care treatments. On this trip, I chose the Roots, Fruits, Petals and Leaves Facial, which is a plant-based facial customized to your specific skin care needs. After your facial, you can visit their Hair and Nail Salon for those finishing touches, where I recommend the Deborah Lippmann Signature Manicure and Signature Pedicure, which include a nail analysis and massage.

woman in hat petting horse

Equine Experience at Miraval Austin

Ok, small confession: The smell of horse manure relaxes me (I know, I know--a strange thing to enjoy!). If you know me, you know I grew up in a barn, riding horses, and finding my ultimate inner peace in doing so. This is precisely why I fell in love with Miraval Tucson years ago after experiencing their remarkable equine program, which is also available at Miraval Austin! Regardless of which equine experience you choose, you'll leave having formed a connection with your horse, as well as a renewed awareness of your mind, body, and spirit.

Sustainable Living at Miraval Austin

Horses aren't the only creature you'll find at Miraval Austin--you'll also find bees. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with bees. I'll take the honey that naturally sweetens most of my days, and leave the stings. However, when I saw that they offer a Beekeeper For a Day experience, I decided to try something new and give it a shot! The beekeepers at Cypress Creek Farm provided an experience one can only get at an actual apiary, including suiting up as a beekeeper for a few hours and harvesting my own honey--sans bee stings!

woman in hat feeding chickens

Not only does Miraval Austin have an on-site apiary, they also practice mindful farming methods on their very own Cypress Creek Farm, where eggs and produce are gathered and picked straight from the fields to elevate your farm-to-table dining experience.

Dining at Miraval Austin

As part of Miraval's inclusive packages, a no-tipping policy is in place to ensure your focus remains on your experience--not your wallet. After a day filled with outdoor adventure, heart-pumping fitness classes, and relaxation at the spa, the perfect way to end your night is dining at The Hilltop Crossings Kitchen.

Taking advantage of the seasonal gifts from their on-site garden, the menu is constantly changing to incorporate the freshest produce available. While looking out over Lake Travis, you'll dine on healthy, yet mouth-watering cuisine put thoughtfully together by their skilled chefs and Miraval nutritionists.

I also highly recommend The Nest for fueling, grab-and-go options like smoothies and energy balls, as well as The Nook for a more intimate dining experience or late-night libation.

With the most instagrammable views in all of Austin, thoughtful attention to detail in every service offered, and the focus being on you and your journey to mindfulness, I left Miraval Austin with life-changing restoration and relaxation.

With Well Inspired Travels, we encourage you to visit properties like Miraval Austin, take the education and experiences home, and use them to find balance in your life wherever it leads you.

Pack your digital bags and follow us on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook as we explore each destination! If you're looking to plan your next trip, Reach out to us here to start getting inspired together!

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