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Let me preface this blog by saying, you’re going to be seeing a lot of Baha Mar references throughout my website – why? Because this wonderland has stolen my heart and in just a short time, I felt like I’d taken a lifetime of trips during my visit there. Baha Mar in Nassau is home to three unique hotels, all within a stone’s throw of each other, but all maintaining their own vibe and beauty.

The collection of experiences housed in the same awe-inspiring destination make this property a must-go destination for: families celebrating something special, newlyweds soaking in their honeymoons, retirees exploring a whole new world of possibilities… the list goes on! I feel as though there’s literally something for everyone and it’s all right here in Baha Mar.

Here’s a brief overview of each property – but you’ll find a dedicated blog for them, too, because these beauties each deserve the spotlight! I’m going to reference these resorts like they’re siblings – because with their unique identities and seamless proximity, they’re clearly a family at this beautiful go-to destination!

Group of girls partying in stripe room

To me, SLS is the youngest child. It’s here to party and less concerned about the rules than its predecessors. The SLS is where you go when you’re ready to let loose, you want the hip atmosphere and endless nightlife happenings. Beautiful, stylish, and free-spirited.

Group of girls in hotel lobby happy
hotel blue room

The Grand Hyatt is the middle child. Able to relax and let loose with the “younger” sibling once in a while, but can also button-up and blend in with their older sibling’s crew. The Grand Hyatt is a fabulous getaway for families coming to Baha Mar because it shares an abundance of activities kids and adults love. The large gym and ESPA spa make this spot a wellness retreat, too!

Lady sitting on colorful duck sculpture
hotel room

Rosewood is the more distinguished, eldest sibling. It’s a place where you can expect privacy, peace, and a mature ambiance. In Baha Mar The Rosewood is an ideal destination for anyone looking to relax and enjoy exquisite Caribbean sunsets, out-of-this-world luxurious spa treatments, and gourmet dining.


All three properties let their uniqueness shine and all do an amazing job encompassing what Baha Mar is all about! I’m in awe of the genius behind sharing this one spectacular Caribbean destination in three different ways. It takes a special kind of place like Baha Mar to be able to create an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by so many – and this locale has far exceeded my expectations!

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