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Sharing special moments together in New York City is made easy when you’re staying at one of the city’s most iconic spots. The Mandarin Oriental boasts views of the city unlike any other including sweeping sites of Central Park, the quiet flowing Hudson River, or a the vibrance of Manhattan action. 

New York City is all about business but there’s plenty of time for pleasure when you’re staying in the heart of it all. 

Fitness in the Big Apple

Couple smiling near bicycle

Of course, in one of the world’s biggest cities you can expect an abundance of wellness opportunities. Jogging in the nearly 900 acres of iconic Central Park, spinning your heart out at SoulCycle, or claiming your spot in an acclaimed Barry’s Bootcamp class are just a couple of the endless ideas that come to my mind! The concierge at Mandarin can help you connect with your favorite way to stay fit and guide you across the streets of New York to plan a fabulous well inspired visit both on and off the property.

On the property you’ll find a convenient, pristine, and well-equipped fitness center to get your heart pumping. Creating a circuit training routine with the equipment available is easy and a wonderful way to get a well rounded workout in. If you prefer a calorie crushing swim to melt your New York indulgences away, there’s a lap pool here with views of the Hudson! 

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental 

Lounge beds near soak tub

Chic and sexy. The spa is accented with dark woods and stone that play off the dramatic views of the city’s skyline. I love the juxtaposition of the ultimate in relaxation above the hustle of the city that never sleeps. 

Unique Wellness Offerings at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

Hotel hot tub

Knowing we live in a digital world, this spa offers a series of treatments designed to

relieve the pain and tension that’s created from hunching over and holding devices regularly. I’ve not seen this specifically offered anywhere else – so I absolutely noted the Digital Wellness Escape as unique! 

The Oriental Qi blends massage with essential oils to focus on your meridians. Improving energy and mood before a night out or your flight home is absolutely essential. I also adore the Inner Strength healing sessions that use massage and special blends of oils to relieve trauma that’s held in your body from a damaging event. 

Bowl of spa salts

Your face is exposed to so much in daily life – sun, makeup, stretching and contorting. Facials help me keep my skin healthy and youthful so I’m always on the lookout for specially created series of treatments. The Sundara Áyurvedic Facial uses plant extracts and other natural elements to fight environmental toxins and refresh the look of your skin. 

Perhaps my favorite of all of The Spa at Mandarin Oriental’s offerings is their acclaimed Áyurvedic Ritual. Beginning with an in-depth consultation, your spa coordinator guides you to your Dosha type, either: Pitta, Vata or Kapha. From there you’re set to experience a meditative and restorative treatment,with deep exfoliation, a soothing wrap, relaxing hot stone massage all followed by the Shirodara Treatment. No two treatments are alike as everyone’s needs are considered during this ritual. So incredible!

Dining (and Drinking) Well at Mandarin Oriental 

Couple smiling in new york city building
Fancy bar

New York City chefs bring it when it comes to culinary creativity. Asiate serves inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Mandarin guests and NYC natives. I love their take on seasonal fruits and veggies so I’m always excited to visit and try what’s new there. The Office NYC lures you in to a sultry speakeasy-style experience. Cocktails, food, and fun here are inspired by the pre-Prohibition sophistication of the roaring twenties! 

Enveloped in sexy cosmopolitan experiences, Mandarin Oriental’s an ideal getaway for couples and friends ready to make new New York City memories at an Empire State mainstay.

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