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A place where compromise simply doesn't exist. This motto, belonging to The Equinox

Hotel, couldn't be more spot-on. No attention to detail was spared in the creation of this

masterpiece of a hotel, from the modern and monochromatic design of the rooms, down

to the strategically placed and tempered lighting to encourage restoration while in the

spa. The Equinox isn't simply a hotel--it's the first of its kind: a flawless fusion of travel

and wellness.

Restore at The Equinox Hotel

If I could give the level of service we received more than 5-stars, I’d give it a thousand.

From the moment you enter through the Hudson Yards doors, it’s beyond evident the

Equinox team have carefully thought through your stay and anticipated any needs the

guest may have while under their roof. Upon entering our room, we were instantly

impressed by the sheer size of it. Considering most New York City hotel rooms are

equivalent in size to The Equinox Hotel room’s bathroom alone, it’s clear no expense

was too great to incur for the sake of their client’s comfort.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of New York City that take your breath away both

morning and night. Rooms are STC 55 acoustically isolated, which is a high-grade

sound transmission classification resulting in the most quiet sanctuary for sleep you’ll

ever experience. The private, in-room bar provides spa and performance products,

ranging from CBD offerings to probiotics, and an impressive and much-appreciated

Nespresso machine with superfood creamers. Every single detail down to the medical

grade filtered air has been put into place with your wellness at top of mind.

If you’ve ever traveled with your partner (and if your partner happens to be 6’6”), you’ve

likely experience the tug-of-war that happens in traditional hotel beds. You’ll have no

such issue here. The Equinox Hotel not only offers mattresses built with natural

materials (have I mentioned they employ an on-call sleep coach), but you’ll also find

split comforters—a genius solution to the cover-stealing battle that plagues all


Regenerate at The Equinox Hotel

The premium price of real estate in NYC was no factor when The Equinox was built, as it boasts a 60,000 square foot Equinox Fitness Club, and let me tell you: this isn't your average hotel gym. With high performance living at the foundation of The Equinox Hotel's mission, guests have a vast selection of fitness options to choose from.

If you're not already a member of The Equinox Club, you become one upon check-in. The Club offers a cycling studio, group fitness studio, yoga and barre studio, as well as a pilates studio. Created by some of the top minds in the fitness industry, the group classes offer an unmatched atmosphere and physical challenge both inside and out. That's right--they even offer Equinox-exclusive classes on The Vessel, their breath-taking, architecturally-innovating outdoor climbing sculpture spanning one mile in length vertically. A true sight to behold!

I started my mornings getting centered in their group yoga classes practicing my poses while Chris utilized their expansive weight room. We rejoined afterward to hike the The Vessel and used the stunning views of the Hudson River as motivation to race to the top. I’ll let you guess who won!

For those looking for a personalized, luxury-level service during their workout, The Equinox Club offers personal training with a view of Hudson Yards that can only be found at the Equinox. And if you're looking to cool down after your training, guests can revitalize in their choice of the hot and cold plunge pools (or the indoor, saltwater lap pool for those seeking to continue their sweat session under water).

Rejuvenate at The Equinox Hotel

With the overarching concept of the "fitness as lifestyle" movement at the core of The Equinox Hotel, the spa offerings seamlessly carry this through. The spa, as they say, "redefines the art and science of regeneration," with everything from Integrated Circuits and Massage and Body Work, to Skin Therapies and Techno Therapies.

I'm a firm believer that taking care of your skin is just as much about how you treat the outside as what you take in nutritionally, so I opted for the 90-minute Best Face Forward Integrated Circuit, which consists of the FaceXercise Ultimate Facial using microJET Streaming and Infusion Technology on the chin, neck and décolleté. Often referred to as the "celebrity facial," this treatment instantly lifts, firms, and contours the face while exfoliating and infusing the skin with nutrients and serums that penetrate deep into your skin, promoting cellular healing and collagen production resulting in a radiant glow.

While I was busy nourishing and toning my skin, Chris chose the 120-minute OverDidIt Integrated Circuit, perfect for those whose day-to-day routine involves intense training. It utilizes an Infrared Sauna (something Chris uses regularly at home) and incorporates both an E. Massage and Full-Body Cryotherapy, an ideal blend of hot and cold therapy, healing massage, and Quantum Harmonics Brain and Body Boost therapy.

After his Integrated Circuit, Chris enjoyed the CBD Recover.E. Massage and Bodywork, which focuses on pain relief and recovery. This performance-focused therapy targets the deep tissue using mobility techniques and CBD healing balm, helping to prevent injury (as well as heal from previous ones) and improve overall flexibility and mind-body connection. Chris highly recommends both the OverDidIt Integrated Circuit and the CBD Recover.E. Massage and Bodywork for professional athletes and those with other physically demanding nine to fives!

With a team of recognized medical authorities known for their healing expertise advising over The Equinox Hotel Spa, I couldn't treat my face without treating my body as well, so I chose to indulge in the CBD Herban Renewal. This perfectly balanced combination of dry exfoliation and intense hydration incorporates a calming balm and massage and put me into a blissful state of relaxation. After Chris and I finished our treatments, we moved into the E.Scape Pods. These cozy, private lounge pods overlook the Hudson River, providing the perfect place to read, nap, or meditate. A menu of additional add-on “amplifiers” are offered in the pods, from which Chris chose the Nutrient and Vitamin IV Drip and felt instantly rejuvenated afterward!

Refuel at The Equinox Hotel

If the name Electric Lemon doesn’t spark your interest, wait until you step foot into this awe-inspiring visual masterpiece of a restaurant. Situated on the 24th floor, the views of the New York City skyline are incomparable. Chef Kyle Knall utilizes a simple yet thoughtful approach to food, highlighting the farmers and growers of the local ingredients and transforming them into a superb American cuisine in tune with that particular season.

woman near neon eat pretty sign

Chris and I began our dinner with the badger flame beet and stone fruit salad, with

grated Dunbarton blue and black urfa chili, as well as the chilled tomato soup with

sungold tomato, grilled garlic scapes and avocado squash. I then enjoyed the delicious

whole roasted trout with pickled shallots and “green things from the garden,” while Chris

dove in on the 44 Farms prime strip loin with black garlic, jimmy nardello peppers and


After our meal, we took our date night to the 8,000 square foot outdoor terrace to enjoy

a lively libation while taking in the night sky. The following morning, we stopped into the

Broken Coconut, the perfect spot for tasty, on-the-go fare for some smoothies and their blueberry cobbler chia and oats. The perfect way to jumpstart your day!

With a work hard, play hard, rest hard mentality, The Equinox Hotel is the place to find community with like-minded people, who believe travel and a life well-lived go hand-in-hand. “For those who want it all,” The Equinox Hotel is your answer.

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