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Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, New York, NYC, The Dominick Hotel

In the words of Taylor Swift, "Welcome to New York!" Absolutely nothing beats the energy of this city. New York City is notorious for having the best of the best: Michelinstar restaurants, exclusive nightlife, luxury hotels, state-of-the-art spas, cutting-edge gyms, you name it--you'll find it here. And while New York may be known as the "Concrete Jungle", The Dominick Hotel in the SoHo neighborhood is a stunning oasis amidst the rock.

Suites at The Dominick Hotel

Upon touching down in NYC, we were ready to head straight to SoHo and check into our beautiful room at The Dominick. With a stunning view of Manhattan (and floor to

ceiling windows), the excitement of this city's energy doesn't escape you when you step into your room.

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, New York, NYC, The Dominick Hotel

The suites are curated with the same designer details as their breath-taking lobby, creating a peaceful, relaxing environment with modern sophistication. Considering the steep price of real estate in New York, hotel rooms can lean toward the smaller side, but not at The Dominick Hotel. With 10-foot ceilings and panoramic views of the city, a spacious and comfortable experience begins in your room and extends out into the skyline. {Which leads me to a funny story...For those of you not married to an over-sized athlete, you may not think a hotel shower is something to care about (or even notice), but let me tell you: every single time Chris and I stay in a hotel, it's only a matter of time before he hops in the shower, bangs his elbows against the walls due to his extra-wide wingspan, and sends a few choice words into the air. The Dominick's shower was not only beautiful, but spacious! Chris Pronger approved!}

Our room was equipped with my favorite Nespresso machine along with several flavored coffees to select from, making me feel right at home in the Big Apple, while turn down service always left a sweet "calm" treat of lavender-infused dark chocolate on our pillows.

Fitness at The Dominick Hotel

As the wife to a pro-athlete, I've witnessed first-hand the importance of staying on top of your game whether in season or out, and working out is a large component of that. The Dominick fitness center strategically utilizes their space with top-of-the-line machines, from Peloton bikes to the latest MIRROR workout (pro tip: make sure you sign up to use the MIRROR--it's so popular there tends to be a waitlist!). And if you prefer a more traditional workout, they offer yoga mats, resistance bands, weights, and even private yoga classes and personal training sessions.

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, New York, NYC, The Dominick Hotel

Prefer to take your workout to the streets? The Dominick Hotel is walking distance to the High Line, Union Square Park, Washington Square Park, and several others. A great way to sight-see while getting your heart-rate up!

As an added bonus, The Dominick has partnered with two neighborhood gyms--Physique 57 and Wundabar--providing you a 20% discount towards a class at Physique 57, and a complimentary class at Amy Jordan's revolutionary Wundabar studio simply for staying at The Dominick Hotel.

Spa at The Dominick Hotel

I adore the BABOR skincare line and their powerful, high-dose active serums, so you can understand how excited I was to find out the first ever BABOR Signature Spa had just opened in April right inside The Dominick Hotel!

With treatments including the DOCTOR BABOR TheraPRO Peeling Treatment and a ReVersive anti-aging treatment, among several other menu selections, you're sure to leave the BABOR Signature Spa with youth-restored skin and a signature glow you'll only receive at The Dominick.

In addition to the revitalizing skincare treatments at the cozy, quiet, and private BABOR Signature Spa, you can also choose a manicure, pedicure, or one of The Dominick's signature hammam services--Manhattan's first traditional Turkish hammam, in fact! The Turkish hammam treatment was perfect for renewing my skin, as it involved laying on heated Calacatta marble while castile soap was applied to the body with a handmade Kessa mitt.

There was no way I could leave the spa without experiencing the DOCTOR BABOR TheraPro Peeling Treatment. What I love about this treatment is it's non-invasive skin resurfacing technique, which works for all skin types and immediately diminishes the signs of aging from the inside out using a blend of alpha hydroxy acids and pH value while avoiding inflammation. After the treatment, my skin had a glow and silk-like texture that I'd never experienced before, which was especially rejuvenating after a long flight to New York.

And as always, I firmly believe it isn't a true spa experience without a massage. The Dominick's spa offers five types of therapeutic massage (including a prenatal for you expecting mamas) and gives you the unique option to add customized aromatherapy based on how you want to feel. After a long day of meetings, I opted for the deep tissue massage and added the relaxing lavender and jasmine mood-enhancing aroma to help me unwind.

Due to the brevity of our trip, I wasn't able to take advantage of every spa treatment I had my sights set on, so I look forward to coming back to experience everything the BABOR Signature Spa has to offer.

Dining and Drinks at The Dominick Hotel

You know a hotel truly values the ultimate culinary experience when they bring in a Michelin-star chef from Australia, Shaun Hergatt, to head their new restaurant opening in October, The Vestry. Yet another reason to come back and visit The Dominick Hotel , The Vestry will focus primarily on seasonal fish and fresh vegetables, featuring dishes like maitake mushrooms with surf clams and daikon sprouts.

Our favorite way to kickstart our busy mornings in SoHo was at Cafe Mezz, enjoying their antioxidant smoothie with whey protein. For lunch, there was no better location to enjoy a bite than overlooking the beautiful terrace pool. The Terrace on 7 not only offered great sushi, but phenomenal views of the city while we soaked in a little sun. Dinner was served at the elegant Mezzanine, where Chris and I dined on the big eye tuna tartare, followed by the kale salad and Atlantic salmon with oyster mushrooms, baby leeks, and a Spanish saffron sauce. I'm the best orderer, so Chris follows my lead! At end of the day, we found ourselves back at Cafe Mezz to enjoy a cocktail or two--my personal favorite being The Yuzu and Shiso, comprised of tequila, yuzu, lemon, agave, and shiso--a sexy take on the margarita.

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, New York, NYC, The Dominick Hotel

With the perfect blend of uptown elegance and downtown edge, the exclusive Five-Diamond awarded Dominick Hotel situated in the center of SoHo delivers the ultimate experience in hospitality, while looking good doing so.

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