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Newport Beach’s Lido House blends the laid back, sunkissed-California approach to luxury living with the elegance of Cape Cod. Five fabulous designer-inspired cottages and 130 enchanting guest rooms host travelers from all over the world who are ready to add a dose of the West Coast to their souls. What I love about Lido House is that it’s a true boutique hotel experience – meaning that you know you’re going to be able to enjoy the intimate, careful attention to detail and have a totally unique experience! There’s nothing “cookie cutter” about this property – and the assortment of cottages makes me swoon! 

At Lido House, you enjoy the comfort and hospitality of being at your best friend’s beach house with all the amenities you love with luxury travel. Breathtaking views punctuate almost every moment of your stay so be sure to bring your camera.

What I Love Most at Lido House

The Mayor’s Table serves up fresh vegetables harmoniously paired with the ocean-fresh catch of the day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A place that’s casual enough to meet for a few cocktails and stunning enough to celebrate special moments, this nautical favorite serves up style and sophistication in Newport Beach! 

I adore the emphasis on crafted cocktails general beachside merriment at Topside Roof Deck. Absolutely a place I could spend the evening reminiscing with my best friends! 

The fitness center at Lido House is divine! Packed with all of my favorites – it’s absolutely ideal for staying fit and trim while traveling. In their center you’ll find a Peloton bike, treadmill, free weights, and so much more and everything is of the highest quality! They also offer some CrossFit-style equipment so you can switch up your regular routine to include some fun challenges. 

Crashing waves and smiling faces fill the canvas of your stay at Lido House. Truly an oasis, this vibrant spot shares a variety of amenities ready to assist guests in crafting the time of their lives. 

The Cottages

Lady sitting on bench in living room

Absolutely a key component of what makes this spot extra special, Lido House boasts five three-story cottages that are all breathtaking in their own way. Each cottage has been named after one of the local islands, feeding into the nautical charm: Balboa, Bay, Harbor, Linda, and Collins. The creative minds at Lido House selected different local designers to leave their mark on the fabulous lodging, so every time you visit you can create a totally new experience. 

Boost Spa 

Pillows on couches and small tables
Massage table

Boost Spa is open to hotel and cottage guests who could use a little extra indulgence during their stay. This 1,500 square foot spa of serenity shares all of the full service spa amenities you’d expect including massages, facials, reflexology, aromatherapy, and wraps. An ideal place to relax towards the end of your vacation or kick off a girl’s weekend. I love the hints of nautical elegance, clean lines, and joyous atmosphere that’s found here.

A hot spot for couples, friends, and special moments – Lido House is a gem in Newport Beach that’s a must-visit for coastal travelers.

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