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If it weren’t for the crisp Pacific air you might think you’ve been swept away to an Italian coast while visiting Pelican Hill. With the bragging rights of being at the top of the list of practically all wellness travel authorities’ lists, this awe-inspiring retreat continually takes my breath away. 

Sweeping views of crashing waves impeccable grounds flecked with California greenery set the scene for your stay. Walking the property could be – and is – a practice of meditation! Pelican Hill is a place that’s peaceful enough for solo adults-only travel but relaxed enough for taking the entire family. This is a spot we frequent for our Pronger family beach trips and the convenience factor of being nestled next to incredible attractions for the kids and housing one of my favorite spas makes it a no-brainer when booking! 

During Chris’s time with the Anaheim Ducks we had the pleasure of being California residents for over three years! Because we’ve had the privilege of living in so many places we’ve made memories all across the world – leaving bits of our hearts behind with all of our close friends. Luckily, resorts like Pelican Hill create a home away from home for us so we’re able to visit these special spots regularly and catch up with old friends as our families grow!

Out and About and on the Resort

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Newport Coast, California, Pelican Hill

Whether you want to get active on the resort or just off the impeccable grounds of Pelican Hill the staff is ready to assist you and your desire to explore. There’s family fun in abundance including days at the pool, heading to Disneyland, checking out the sunset on a coastal hike… I could go on about the views served up by the gorgeous Pacific!


Golf at Pelican Hill

Chris would be disappointed if I didn’t mention the time we’ve spent together (and that he’s taken for himself) on the gorgeous greens of Pelican Hill Golf Club. True to the Southwest’s beauty; two separate courses here have all of the challenges you’d love and expect to find in 36 holes on the coast. 

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Newport Coast, California, Pelican Hill

Beach Time Together

Any coastal trip would be lacking if you didn’t plan for at least one solid day at the beach. You know, the kind where you pack a healthy lunch, prepare for a full day in the sun with umbrellas, towels, and goggles galore, and the kids are exhausted by 11am? The beauty of the Crystal Cove Beach make this one of our favorite spots to get some time in the sand and under the sun. The perfect segway to a day at the resort pool for the kids and an afternoon at the spa for mom!

The Spa at Pelican Hill

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Newport Coast, California, Pelican Hill

I could, and may write a dedicated blog post about The Spa at Pelican Hill. One of my favorites in the U.S., this spa is renowned for the personalized care you receive from the moment you depart. Here you start every experience by diving deep to share your health goals, discuss what’s been ailing you and from there you can select from numerous remedies, tinctures, treatments, and orchestrated experiences designed with your needs in mind.

Certainly not something every spa can tout, this special locale only uses completely natural products made by the hands of family owned producers! I believe that when something is produced with loving hands it’s even healthier for your body and you can truly feel the love and care that’s put into these products and treatments. Conde Naste Traveler has recently voted this spa #1 in California – and it’s well deserved! 

Some of my favorite spa treatments include the…

CBD Oil Therapy & Deep Vibration Muscle Additions – though the addition of CBD oil to spa treatments is gaining in popularity, this special formulation has been used for years to help in the management of pain. Deep Vibration Muscle Therapy uses trademarked HyperVolt technology to target specific muscle sets with percussion! 

Deep Tissue Sports Massage – excellent for athletes and any of us who use and abuse our bodies and are in need of deep muscle treatments. I don’t always opt for deep tissue massage but feel it’s an essential tool in my wellness toolkit that needs to be utilized sporadically to release the extra tension that builds up from my intense daily workout regimen. 

Global Traditions Massage – literally the best of massage from across the globe. An expert blend of Thai, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage techniques make this a favorite of mine because I don’t have to compromise – I get a little bit of it all! 

Out-of-this-world facials, full body scrubs, and aromatic experiences that relax and clarify your mind unlike any other draw me in to the Spa at Pelican Hill time and time again. Because we tend to stay here while visiting old friends, this spa is a favorite of mine to meet up, relax, and catch up with my closest confidants. 

Fitness on the Hill and in the Studio

Chris Pronger, Lauren Pronger, Newport Coast, California, Pelican Hill

Pelican Hill’s arrangement of fitness classes suit the most health conscious and those who take a more laid back approach to wellness. Organized ground walks around Crystal Cove are available giving you a bird’s eye view of some of the most vibrant landscapes the area has to offer; challenging fitness classes are served up all throughout the day guaranteeing you’ll get your sweat in. 

My favorite fitness picks at Pelican Hill include the Total Muscle Conditioning HIIT class, Bootcamp, and restorative yoga as part of their Meditation class. I tend to try something different during each of my stays but these three classes give me a well-rounded total body experience where I can leave the studio feeling accomplished and refreshed. 

An unparalleled balance of peace and excitement, the arrangement of services and amenities at Pelican Hill brings all of us together and we’re grateful to have made so many memories here.

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Take a Closer Look at Pelican Hill

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