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Chris and I traveled to this breathtaking locale about 8 years ago when it was called the One and Only Ocean Club, and now as a Four Seasons property it is even more stunning than before! When a place really steals my heart, I always make a point to visit it again. Reliving memories you made and seeing the same special spot with fresh eyes is an entirely unique experience – so if you’ve traveled somewhere and fell in love, I urge you to visit it again!

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The Four Seasons has done a spectacular job emphasizing everything I loved so much about the One and Only Ocean Club when crafting The Ocean Club. My girlfriends and I spent the entire day at this pristine private property exploring the grounds and admiring the perfectly curated artwork – and I cannot wait to take my husband back for a longer stay. 

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There’s something to be said about visiting a private property for a rejuvenating vacation. The level of intimacy you experience with yourself as you walk the grounds and appreciate nature is unparalleled. Bougainvillea pops throughout the manicured gardens, and I found myself reconsidering my entire landscaping back at home. Every time I travel, “I take a piece” of where I’ve been back with me – whether it’s trying to recreate the zingy dressing I’ve tasted on a salad, or sharing stories of something I’ve learned about a new region; I try to take it all in and appreciate its uniqueness. 

The Ocean Club is nestled next to the Nassau Harbor, and has found a way to make 35 acres of Versailles-inspired grounds feel as peaceful and as private as your own backyard. When you’re not soaking in the sunshine here are a couple of my favorite spa + wellness features offered! (HUGE bonus: they use Elemis products, which I adore.) The spa offers a journey for each individual that walks in, which means every body’s needs are considered and cared for.

Coconut Poultice Massage

I love that this massage combines Eastern and Western techniques. I implement both philosophies into my daily healthcare routine so when I find beneficial treatments that include them both I welcome the opportunity to indulge. The rich oils used in the massage treatment infuse your body with a boost of vitamins E + K. Heated Coconut Poultice is applied to specific areas to release tension that you may be holding onto deep within your muscles. 

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Ocean Rituals

Spa Villas award you the gift of silence, seclusion, and the opportunity to focus solely on yourself and your healing. Literally soaking in the relaxation and the peace that’s been created just for you! The suite of offerings that have been hand-selected to be offered here are unlike any other that I’ve found, including the Thousand Flower Detox Wrap that infuses your body with natural goodness and primes it for the Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage.


Fitness at The Ocean Club

There’s certainly no shortage of opportunities for a fitness junkie like myself when visiting The Ocean Club. Every day the gym is open from 6am – 8pm, and features dedicated rooms for just about every athletic endeavor imaginable. Pilates? Oh, Yes. Biking? Absolutely! Lawn Croquet? You betcha! Try something different to get your heart rate going – adding an array of experiences allows your body to move in ways you will never experience at home on the treadmill. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and ready to show you techniques to improve your form, or pace the grounds with you so you know the perfect jogging route. 

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Local Cuisine You’ll Love

I believe that the road to wellness starts with the foods we use to nourish our bodies. While traveling I’m always on the hunt for meals that use the freshest ingredients available. Not only are fresh ingredients better for your body as they’re more nutrient-rich, but I love knowing that the food that we’re eating has been harvested or created with caring hands from the region we’re visiting. When special recipes have been fine-tuned for hundreds of years – you know you’re in for a treat!

Bahamas restaurant

During our visit, we had dinner at the French-Asian inspired Dune where Michelin-star awarded Jean-Georges Vongerichten is at the helm. Picture this: a table flooded with vibrant kale salad, perfectly cooked sea bass, and salmon that’s sweet and savory aroma is making my mouth water as I write. The sea bass was by far the best I’ve ever tasted! This dining experience is exactly what you’d expect of an exquisite Four Seasons locale, and the perfect way to punctuate an evening out. 

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