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Truly a sanctuary from it all! Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain has a modern take on a luxury resort – leaving stiff dress codes and staunch rules behind and opting for a contemporary, genuine, and relaxed spin on wellness travel. That’s not to say it isn’t breathtaking or luxurious – because it’s indeed both! This special mountainside corner of the world has a piece of my heart and is a favorite escape for me and my dearest friends as its philosophy aligns so deeply with our very own as it invites guests to relax, reconnect, and focus on the present. 

Pool with palm trees

Touted as an architectural wonder, most buildings on the 53-acre property offer floor to ceiling views of Camelback Mountain. The mountains and the Sonoran Desert are draped effortlessly across the resort grounds blending their immaculate and well-designed landscaping right into the natural beauty. Your eyes dance across the property as buildings are made to flow with the varied elevations. I love how the resort offers multi-level views of some of your favorite spaces including decks and patios flank the pool giving diners a sweeping look at the fun in the water and the peace in the desert.

Dining at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain & Some Scottsdale Favorites

Two ladies holding cocktails

An escape for your senses and spirit, dining at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is an exquisite treat that’s meant to be remembered. Food Network star and Executive Chef Beau MacMillan has orchestrated a culinary experience showcasing fresh fruits and veggies with a regional flair. Each dish I sampled during my visit was seemingly better than the last! It’s clear each menu on the property was prepared with both flavor and nutrition being at the forefront of the chef’s vision and they were executed to perfection. We dined at Chef Beau MacMillan’s elements restaurant sampling his American meets Asian spin on cuisine. I adore his emphasis on health – there is literally something for everyone! 

Salmon meal on white plate

Our concierge was more than happy to connect us with additional dining options so we could get a taste of Scottsdale during our stay. Off site Chris and I dined at local favorites including Roaring Fork, SumoMaya Mexican-Asian Kitchen, and Buck and Rider. 

Fitness Finds

Woman running on street near plants

Right on the property a whole world of wellness is at your fingertips! I can’t get enough Pilates, and I’ve found that I learn

something new every time I have the opportunity to experience a class somewhere new. The classes and offerings at Sanctuary are led by Fitness Specialists, so those who may have less experience and even veteran athletes can enhance their fitness goals during their stay. Each Fitness Specialist on this property brings something to the table; all certified in their specialty and there’s even an Olympic Gold Medalist on their roster! 

Though seemingly every sport and fitness activity are offered there, Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain was and continues to be a tennis player’s haven. I found this to be particularly exciting as I’m always looking to improve my skills on the court. This property was once known as John Gardiner’s Tennis Ranch in 1965 – and the legacy continues! 

Off the court and in the pool and studio, guests can enjoy stand up paddle board yoga (which I was thrilled to see on the menu!) plyometrics, BOSU, interval and circuit classes and more. Group classes are offered in varying sizes, at times all throughout the day, and for all fitness levels. 

Pool with palm trees and purple sunset

One of my favorite offerings at Sanctuary is their personalized fitness assessment and program. Using state-of-the-art technology, professionals evaluate your fitness level by testing your stamina, measuring your body composition, and evaluating your cardiovascular health. After your assessment you receive a personalized plan that you’re able to take with you wherever you go to achieve your health goals. This programming supports their philosophy of continued wellness all throughout your journey – not just while visiting. I love the idea of being able to learn more about your health, grow, and take your new knowledge home with you well after your stay!

A Sanctuary Within A Sanctuary 

The spa is deeply influenced by the health and wellness practices of Asian culture. The spa’s zen gardens welcome you while you wait for your customized treatments including thai massage, reiki, luk pra kope, zen shiatsu, and signature whole body services infused with Asian flair. 

Among my favorite treatments are their golden lotus balancing ritual where a true to you blend of herbs are used to help balance your energy and their coconut sumatra body ritual. Many of the products used to treat your body and enhance your wellness during their awe-inspiring spa experiences are vegan and boosted with locally grown herbs! 

Blue pool with red mountains in background

If you’re in the mood to heat things up – I highly recommend the bodhi stimulating body treatment. Unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, this special treatment uses a warming body wrap to awaken your senses and improve your circulation. Your skin is gently exfoliated with warmed herbal poultices to reveal a refreshed and glowing appearance and the health benefits of this increased circulation includes breaking down fatty deposits and the elimination of toxins! Additionally this treatment helps improve lymphatic drainage which I love! (Your lymphs and body will thank you!) 

There’s no surprise that this special locale has won award after award among industry authorities like Travel & Leisure! They’ve literally carved out their own niche in the world of travel and wellness creating the perfect balance of fun and relaxation with a mindful approach to wellness.

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Take a Closer Look at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa


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