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I’d been reading about the ancient healing powers of the desert long before I’d made my way there. Known for the benefits of its warm, dry climate, Delos Cooke constructed a wellness retreat in Phoenix in the 1920’s touted the Royal Palms Estate.

Patio seating near fire pit at hotel

All these years later, and here I am, completely in love with this intimate, relaxing, and restorative locale. As the mom to three school-age children, I don’t get the opportunity for romantic getaways with my husband as often as I’d like. So, when we do get the chance to make an escape just the two of us, we want it to be special. It speaks volumes that with the opportunity to travel just about anywhere in the world, we’ve decided to go back to the Royal Palms Resort and Spa several times!

I love adventure, but there’s something to be said about the comfort of knowing you’re going to fully enjoy every aspect of your upcoming vacation! We love that among all of the therapeutic offerings available you’ll find an organic variety of spa treatments, activities to get your heart pumping, and ancient rituals to soothe a tired mind.

Royal Palms Resort and Spa Hotel Map

Behind every stucco nook and cranny there’s a beauty to behold. Palms, Agave, and everything you love about Southwestern landscape is sprinkled across the nine acres with the Camelback Mountains painted in the distance. The scene is set – and all of the amenities for wellness and relaxation are ready to enjoy!

Wellness and the Alvadora Spa

The spa at Royal Palms Resort and Spa features a highly skilled in-house Herbalist, Rachel Sloat. Rachel creates a variety of botanical treatments from locally grown plants ensuring the most nutrient rich ingredients are being used for your wellness. Another special and exclusive offering – dēhp©. The Alvadora Spa is one of the only in the area to offer this special treatment that’s designed to remove energetic emotional blockage. I typically get the Citrus Ritual, what’s claimed as their signature treatment. This treatment involves an incredibly thorough exfoliation treatment, a long and relaxing soak, followed by a massage designed to fit my specific body’s needs.

Walkway at arizona hotel

Daily classes are offered in the Alegria Garden including tai chi and yoga. Of course, swimming is always a favorite way to get some movement in and stay cool in the desert – and there’s a pristine jacuzzi to soak in after your dip! There is a fitness center available here 24 hours a day which we took full advantage of as well.

Eating Well at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Chris and I consider ourselves foodies – but just because we love to eat does not mean we like to over indulge! T.Cooks, an Award-Winning Mediterranean restaurant “inspired by the Arizona Desert,” is literally one of our all-time favorite spots. You can even have a custom menu created from their scrumptious offerings arranged for you in a “lovers corner” for a more intimate and serene dining experience.

There’s an abundance of opportunities to sip something special while visiting the Royal Palms. We love toasting with the rich and fizzy house-made ginger beer and fresh cocktails made with regionally grown produce.

The Royal Palms Resort and Spa, for us, is the perfect spot to reconnect. This boutique-style resort has all of the healthy offerings we love in a getaway and makes privacy and peace a priority for its guests.

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