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The details found across the property of Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica take my breath away. This property captures a Cape Cod style and plants it on the California coast in a way like no other has. Wainscotting and detailed wooden moulding, shuttered windows opened up to let the fresh ocean air in, immaculate sanded beaches flanked by ornate grasses all live in harmony working to create a cozy and luxurious seaside experience. 

Wellness Opportunities at Shutters on the Beach

This Pacific Coast find shares a vast array of wellness offerings for travelers looking to elevate their stay. Home to Techno-Gym machinery, the fitness center is more than equipped to provide you with the tools you need for a total body workout! 

If you’d prefer to get your cardio in while cruising the coast, that’s possible too! I love taking the family on a ride up and down the shoreline and Shutters on the Beach boasts the most accessible beach bike path in the United States. Find your way to fitness walking the beach, swimming, or during circuit training. I love a challenge and a mix of it all! 

A very special fitness offering – a personal trainer will assist you in a total body workout, stretch, and see you off to a massage at ONE Spa. 

ONE Spa 

ONE Spa’s services and extensive treatments are only made better by their rich and comforting design executed by Michael S. Smith. Signature Comfort Zone and emerginC body treatments have been created to share the best in total body health with weary travelers. Soothe, relax, indulge, and let skilled therapists relieve ailments like fatigued muscles, sunburn skin, or a sluggish lymphatic system. In ONE Spa, more traditional treatments like Hot Stone Massage are shared with Craniosacral Unwinding, and Osmosis Relaxation Response Treatments. My top treatments at ONE Spa are, without a doubt, the Mediterranean Hammam Ritual and the dazzling Detox One Self Body Therapy. 

I appreciate the ability to completely customize my massage experiences here – from the oils to the pressure level, techniques, and longevity! The highly skilled therapists are considerate of what you love and what your body needs to regenerate and feel refreshed. 

Timeless and Ageless Approach to Skincare

“Biologique Recherche methodology has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty care using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw ingredients, as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures.” This skincare methodology excites my wellness philosophy as it focuses on the naturally powerful ingredients found in nature to assist your skin in claiming its youthful appearance. 

ONE Spa’s assortment of facials, products, and cutting edge techniques are so extensive, I could write a blog just focusing on their incredible benefits. Some of my favorite facial picks include: the VIP 02 Oxygenating Treatment, Ultimate Ageless Advanced 02 Treatment, and The Red Carpet 3 In One Facial! Hand and foot-focused applications are also on the menu creating supple and buttery-soft fingers and feet!

Seaside Dining and Fresh California Flavors

1 Pico’s coastal bites share all the fresh flavors you’d expect to find at an incredible oceanside escape. Garden-fresh vegetables, supremely fresh citrus, and just the right balance of bright flavors make this a favorite for lunches and dinners while I’m staying at Shutters on the Beach. Chef David Almany brings life to some of my favorite fare! 

Coast is as chill as my favorite Tequila with a twist of lime on the rocks. Another seaside locale and relaxed spot for a bite, it’s an absolute must while you’re visiting.

Southern California’s focus on mind, body, and spiritual health are largely part of what made this special region feel instantly like home to our family. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to visit regularly and frequent incredible places like Shutters on the Beach where each getaway offers something new to try. Sharing my favorite health and wellness finds at astounding resorts and hotels and looking back on these fabulous locales has me eager to plan another vacation soon!

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