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This trip has turned into a tradition! For the last six years, every June when our kids get out of school we head to the only resort in the world that’s received a five-star rating from Forbes for eleven years in a row! Sea Island, Georgia shares the best of southern hospitality, dining experiences inspired from across the globe, and an assortment of memorable activities for everyone. 

This particular trip wasn’t initially intended to be part of my Well Inspired Travels series, but like every getaway we’ve made in the last twenty years, I found the best available whole body, mind, and spirit offerings to share! Traveling with four adults, four teens, and two kids can be a stressful endeavor, luckily the exceptionally accommodating concierge services were there every step of the way to help me book everything from clay shoots, tennis instructions, and dining reservations to sourcing talented basketball coaches as private instructors for the teens on our trip. This annual trip usually includes about six or seven families and seems to grow a bit each year! I always start each vacation plan by envisioning what makes the best possible vacation for each individual in my family and then I try to create at least one special moment for them during our trip. Here’s what we did at Sea Island during our most recent visit:

Dining at Sea Island

Plate of Scallops

Though there’s a variety of family friendly options including handcrafted pizzas from Tavola’s, kid’s favorite gourmet burger and fries, and more ice cream than you can dream of at Wonderland; we planned some “adult only” dinners to create some special memories for mom and dad and this was also a great opportunity for the kids to have some fun with the concierge recommended sitter. Virtually every restaurant offered a variety of healthy options from locally grown garden-fresh veggies, seared seafood, and the most beautifully arranged salads I’ve ever seen. There’s no excuse for unhealthy eating while visiting Sea Island, but if you’ve earned a treat there’s certainly the opportunity to indulge.

 Another tradition we share in Sea Island is the low-country lobster boil. This is the one meal throughout our entire getaway where we gather all the families we’re vacationing with to sit down and eat together. I always love getting a taste of wherever I travel and getting a big group together to experience something outside of our norm is always a blast.

Group of kids

Wellness and Fitness at Sea Island

I make it a habit to book some “me time” on the last day of every family vacation. I figure by then my family has earned a break from me and I can soak in a couple of hours of restorative silence. The Spa at Sea Island offers everything you’d want from a luxury spa and more including traditional salon services. I opted for a Heavy Hitter deep tissue massage and the Save Face European-style facial. There are a variety of massage and body treatments, add ons, and services to groom the favorite man in your life, too!


Tennis lessons, paddle boarding, TRX training sessions, horseback riding, and of course, basketball were just a few of the ways we stayed active while visiting Sea Island. There’s a complete range of Pilates offered here, so naturally the Pilates junkie in me was thrilled to pop into as many sessions as I could manage. These special classes and activities are supported by an abundance of wellness services including cryotherapy and full body spa services performed by the very best in the industry. 

Two moms and two daughters on bikes

Family Fun

kids in lifejackets by sailboat

I’ve never been one to spend my vacation sleeping in or sitting on the sidelines. We filled our days in southeastern Georgia and I’m so grateful for all of the beautiful memories we made. Beach Cruiser rental made it a bit easier to navigate the spacious resort and get from one activity to the next. By far one of my favorite activities was our day on the water enjoying Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga (SUPY) that has become a Pronger family memory that will last a lifetime (hint: just because you’re an Olympic athlete doesn’t make you the best at everything!) 

Probably one of my most favorite activities that we did as a family, horseback riding at The Stables at Frederica in Sea Island is a tradition I hope to continue with our family for many years to come! The scenery is beautiful, you’re being active, you’re having fun, and the peace I find while I ride is nearly meditative. When you repeat certain activities in certain places over the years, you really have a chance to reflect on just how much your family grows year to year!

The guys and some of the gals on our trip had a blast at a clay sport shoot outing while others opted for some R&R. Sea Island’s hospitable staff were consistently available to show us the ropes for new activities and help us find the best spots for healthy snacks and sweets for the kids. 

Little girl in pink with icecream cone

As my children grow up, I’m noticing more how their personalities shine during our family vacations. It’s wonderful to be able to expose them to new sports, foods, sights, and sounds. Getting to see the world through their eyes while we experience new destinations makes every bit of planning, packing, and preparation so worth it! Continuing to visit Sea Island, Georgia over the years has made each trip an opportunity to try something new while being able to look forward to experiencing the things we love once again.

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