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Cozy cottages fleck the creekside property of L’Auberge de Sedona, each offering a tranquil escape. From the porch of my cottage I can hear the trickling waters and natural sounds of Sedona, both invite me to relax and stay awhile in the moment.

Hotel stays in mountains

I have looked forward to visiting L’Auberge de Sedona for quite some time. A peaceful nature-infused escape that’s conveniently located in one of the most peaceful cities on the planet! This property serves up stunning views, sensational service, and is the ideal backdrop for romantic memories or reconnecting with old friends – and yourself. 

Sedona is quite literally constructed on a foundation of stillness. Sturdy red sandstone formations flank the city, Cypress, Juniper, Sycamore, and Ash trees contrast against the glowing orangy-red that seems to go on forever in the distance. This special locale has welcomed travelers ready to challenge their spirituality and physicality for years, sharing the best of both luxury and adventure.

Accommodations at L’Auberge

Hotel room

Crisp and refined, yet comfortable and cozy, cottages and lodge rooms make interim homes for guests at L’Auberge de Sedona. Each cottage is just a short walk from the beauty of Oak Creek, however, if you choose to enjoy nature from the balcony, right there you can take in starry nights, calling birds, and the roar of the creek!

Dining at L’Auberge

Our first night at L’Auberge we dined at the spectacular Cress on Oak Creek – literally right beside the creek. Outdoor seating offers spectacular foliage backdrop, sparkling water views, and at night it’s aglow with twinkle lights that are so romantic you’ll wonder if you’re in a movie. As expected, the food and service were unparalleled! 

Creek of water

You could absolutely dine at the exquisite Cress every evening of your stay – but we wanted to share the love and try a bit of everything. Etch Kitchen and Bar is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so we were able to sample some lighter fare there including a heavenly breakfast spread with fresh fruits, organic cold pressed juices, local eggs. 

It’s easy to hit the Sedona hot spots like 89 Agave, too, and the concierge and friendly team at L’Auberge are ready to make recommendations and connect you with whatever you’re craving. Sipping and snacking in the Southwest, you can expect flavor, and none of these phenomenal spots disappointed our souls or our stomachs! 

Adventure at L’Auberge

Though you’re clearly staying at a luxury retreat that’s ready to relax even the most intense traveler, there’s a host of adventure to be had in Sedona. Hikes, bike trails, canyon tours, and guided educational outings are all at your fingertips while staying at L’Auberge de Sedona. If you’d prefer to explore the landscape from a helicopter or a neon pink Jeep, accommodations can be arranged for that. 

Horseback riding, hot air balloons, and ATV’s each share a totally unique way to experience the Southwest. Learning about the rich history of Sedona and formations including vortices along the way feed your mind as well as your appetite for adventure. 

L’Apothecary at L’Auberge de Sedona

When the door swings open to L’Apothecary your journey begins. Glass bottles line the shelves of this modern-meets-history apothecary, a beautifully refined and creative experience. Rich floral, earthy, and citrus notes hit the air filling the space with endless healing possibilities. I truly enjoyed working with the skilled staff at L’Apothecary learning more about creating specially scented scrubs, oils, and creams to soothe my skin. The scents I created will forever take me back to Sedona.

Spa Favorites at L’Auberge

Beyond the lobby’s boundless blending and assortment of tinctures, the spa’s assortment of healing, soothing, and intriguing treatments wait. Forest Bathing is offered here – a practice as old as the forest itself that’s finding a new space in luxury spas. Rest in the tranquility of the woods in a private locale and reconnect with yourself.

A bowl of salt on rocks with spoons

Signature Treatments

Specially blended scrubs and lotions debut in a combination of fun and deeply relaxing treatments. Feet in the Creek offers travelers a chance to dip their toes into nature and feel the earth around them. Therapists practice reflexology and massage in the beautiful outdoors creating a real bond in nature. 


Kerstin Florian and ISUN products are used in combination with special blends crafted in the L’Apothecary. Invigorate your skin and restore your supple appearance with treatments customized especially for you like the L’Apothecary Signature 90 Minute Facial. A variety of Ampoules can be added to your treatment to boost the effects you’re searching for. 

Full Body Treatments

Choosing from their line of full body treatments was quite difficult! Each of these total body therapies offer something blissful, decadent, and divine. The enchanting Sedona Dreams lulls you into deep relaxation, L’Apothecary Luxury uses refreshing local essences to hydrate you from head to toe, Aroma Salt Glow detoxifies and exfoliates supremely, and Desert Sage Sugar Scrub stimulates and restores! 

woman getting massage under outdoor tent

Massage, Meditation, and Movement

Phenomenal massage therapists have crafted a line of therapies to treat an array of ailments on every body type. L’Apothecary focuses on whole body renewal, understanding the importance of peace starting within and radiating throughout your being. Because of this, the spa shares expert meditation and guided yoga classes for all skill sets! I love enhancing my wellness with these practices and I was enthralled to see them on the spa’s menu.

Sound Healing Sessions

L’Apothecary Spa shares curated sounds from beautiful Sedona to tantalize your senses and create a completely relaxing environment. Sound therapy has ancient roots and specially trained practitioners share the healing powers of different frequencies in private sessions.


Total peace, a touch of adventure, and the most beautiful arrangement of services designed to create a lifetime of memories are shared at L’Auberge de Sedona. I love that this resort is intimate enough to feel truly relaxed as a solo traveler and vibrant enough to celebrate life’s most spectacular moments. The talented hospitality team at L’Auberge de Sedona welcomed me and my guests with arms wide open and offered a bit of everything we love at Sedona – and so much more! Rippling water meditations, exquisite bites, and monumentally healing moments happened here and I’m thrilled to be sharing them with you.

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