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The Ultimate Wellness Retreat: Our Transformational Journey at SHA Wellness Mexico

Welcome, dear readers! As your trusted luxury wellness consultant and founder of Well Inspired Travels, I’m thrilled to share with you our extraordinary experience at SHA Wellness Mexico. This sanctuary of wellness exceeded our expectations, providing a deeply immersive and diagnostic journey that transformed our minds, bodies, and spirits. Join me as I recount our four-day adventure, filled with deep insights of our bioindividual systems, growth, knowledge, and relaxation, at this world-class wellness retreat.

couple standing in front of SHA wellness clinic sign

Before I dive into our incredible 4 days at SHA, I would like to take a moment to share more about SHA's Mission and Values.  What sets SHA Wellness Mexico apart is their holistic approach to health, which seamlessly blends the latest advances in scientific medicine with the most effective natural therapies. Their mission is to help individuals achieve and maintain an optimal state of health through a unique integrative method. SHA's values emphasize the importance of balanced nutrition, preventive health, and healthy aging. Their promise is to transform lives by offering the best results in the shortest possible time while providing the knowledge needed to maintain these optimal health standards. The dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of their programs, making SHA a leader in healthcare and wellness.  So here we go on a glimpse of our 4 magical days at SHA Wellness Mexico….


Day 1: Arrival and Initial Diagnosis

The moment Chris and I arrived at SHA Wellness Mexico, we were captivated by the serene beauty of the surroundings, truly an architectural masterpiece. Our accommodations, the impressive Oceanfront Deluxe suite, offered breathtaking views of the ocean, instantly setting the tone for our wellness journey.


Advanced Preventive Diagnosis:

Our first day began with an Advanced Preventive Diagnosis. This comprehensive assessment included a body composition analysis, 3D body scanner, measurement of vital signs, cognitive domain test, and an analysis of cardiovascular and nervous system activity. It was fascinating to see the detailed insights into our current health status. The technology and expertise at SHA are truly cutting-edge, ensuring that every aspect of our health was meticulously evaluated.


General Health Exam:

Following the preventive diagnostics, we underwent a thorough General Health Exam. This examination ensured that the programs we would follow were tailored to our specific health needs. The professionalism and attentiveness of the medical team were reassuring, giving us confidence in the personalized plans they designed for us.


Dinner: SHA Menu Option:

The day concluded with a delightful dinner, where we enjoyed the "SHA menu" option. The cuisine at SHA is crafted to be both delicious and nutritious, focusing on promoting health and well-being. The absence of sugar, coffee, and alcohol in our meals was a welcome detox for both Chris and me. The flavors were incredibly rich and satisfying, to the extent that we scarcely missed our typical indulgences (bearing in mind my 80/20 rule). Not only was the dining experience a sensory delight, with each dish as visually stunning as it was delectable, but it also served as a profound lesson on how nourishing food can be thoroughly enjoyable.

Day 2: Fitness and Therapeutic Treatments

Energized and eager to start the day, we began with a series of activities designed to invigorate both body and mind.


Morning Workout:

We crushed an early morning workout at SHA's state-of-the-art gym. The facilities were top-notch, providing everything we needed for an effective and intense strength training workout. The equipment was impressive to say the very least and well-maintained. The environment was motivating and uplifting overlooking the gorgeous ocean views.


General Medical Consultation:

Post-workout, we attended a General Medical Consultation to review our diagnostic results and refine our personalized wellness plans. The consultation was detailed and informative, offering us a clear understanding of our health and the steps we needed to take to improve it. As you know, I am always looking to level up my health…”I am the well that wants to be SUPER well”!

Healthy Nutrition Consultation:

The next stop was a Healthy Nutrition Consultation. Here, we received a personalized diet plan tailored to our health goals. The nutrition expert provided us with practical tips and delicious recipes to incorporate into our daily routine. As a proud graduate of IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) it was enlightening to further my knowledge about the profound impact of nutrition on our overall well-being with the nutritionist on staff.  I did share Lauren’s 12 Ingredient Power Protein Milkshake with her!



Our healthy lunch was another highlight, emphasizing the importance of nutrition in overall wellness. The meal was not only wholesome but also incredibly flavorful, showcasing the best of what healthy eating can offer. The ingredients were fresh and the dishes were creatively prepared, making each bite a delight.

couple eating lunch

Hydroenergetic Detox Cure:

In the afternoon, we experienced a Hydroenergetic Detox Cure. This treatment combined hydroaromatherapy, fitomudtherapy, and hydrojet sessions to detoxify and revitalize our bodies. The sensation of being enveloped in therapeutic waters was deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. It was a perfect way to cleanse our systems and recharge our energy. This is a MUST to experience!  It was definitely a highlight for me!


Agenda Planning:

A brief session of agenda planning followed, ensuring our upcoming days were perfectly organized for maximum benefit and enjoyment. The staff was incredibly helpful and attentive, making sure that every detail was taken care of.

Bespoke Facial:

I indulged in bespoke facials tailored to my skin type and needs. The treatments left my skin feeling refreshed and glowing. The use of high-quality products and expert techniques made this a luxurious and effective experience.


Couples Sound Therapy with Tibetan Bowls:

The day ended with a unique and deeply relaxing couples sound therapy session using Tibetan bowls. The soothing vibrations and harmonics of the bowls created a zen atmosphere, easing us into a peaceful state of mind. This experience was not only relaxing but also spiritually enriching, allowing us to connect on a deeper level.


couple sound therapy session

Dinner and Bed:

Another delectable dinner followed, rounding off a day filled with enriching experiences. By bedtime, we felt a profound sense of relaxation and well-being. The combination of physical activity, therapeutic treatments, and nourishing food made this day truly transformative.


Day 3: Holistic Wellness and Relaxation

Our third day at SHA Wellness Mexico was a blend of physical activity, knowledge, and relaxation.


Morning Workout:

We started the day with another solid workout, pushing our limits and embracing the endorphin rush. The variety of equipment and the inspiring environment made each session enjoyable and effective.


Cooking Class:

A cooking class followed, where we learned to prepare nutritious and delicious meals under the guidance of SHA's expert chefs. This hands-on experience was both educational and insightful, providing us with valuable skills to take home. We learned how to make dishes that are not only healthy but also incredibly tasty.

Initial Consultation on Revitalizing Medicine:

The initial consultation on revitalizing medicine was very informative on many levels. We discussed various treatments and therapies aimed at enhancing our energy levels and overall vitality. The knowledge and expertise of the medical staff were impressive, and they provided us with actionable insights and recommendations.


Integrated Bioenergy Assessment:

Next, we underwent an Integrated Bioenergy Assessment, which used electromagnetic evaluation to provide deeper insights into our energy levels and bodily functions. This assessment was eye-opening, revealing areas where we could improve our energy flow and overall health.



A nutritious lunch provided the perfect break, reinforcing the importance of balanced nutrition in our wellness journey. Each meal at SHA was a testament to the fact that healthy food can be incredibly delicious and satisfying.


Beach Time:

We took some time to relax on the beach, soaking up the sun and absorbing much-needed vitamin D. The peaceful environment and stunning views were truly therapeutic. The sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun created a perfect setting for even deeper relaxation and reflection.


woman holding workout device in air

Functional Assessment Training:

The afternoon included a functional assessment training session at the gym. This personalized workout focused on optimizing our physical performance and addressing any specific needs. The trainers were knowledgeable and supportive, helping us to achieve our fitness goals.

Acupuncture Session:

An acupuncture session followed, helping to balance our energy and promote healing. The expertise of the practitioners at SHA ensured a comfortable and effective experience. The session left us feeling relaxed and revitalized, highlighting the power of traditional healing practices.


SHA Detox Therapy and Presotherapy:

We then experienced the SHA Detox Therapy and Presotherapy, both designed to enhance detoxification and improve circulation. These treatments left us feeling lighter and more energized. The combination of therapies was effective in promoting overall wellness and vitality.

green grass with sunset


Sunset Yoga Session:

Chris and I concluded the day with a sunset yoga session overlooking the stunning landscapes and horizon. The combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, and the serene environment created a deeply meditative experience. We also had a little fun experimenting with some challenging couple’s yoga poses!  The beauty of the setting and the tranquility of the practice made this a highlight of our stay.  It was a memorable experience we will always remember and killer photos to cherish!


Dinner and Bed:

Dinner was, as always, a delightful affair, followed by a restful night's sleep. The consistent quality of the meals and the peaceful ambiance of the SHAmadi restaurant made each meal a memorable experience.


Day 4: Final Day and Reflections

Our final day at SHA Wellness Mexico was a mix of reflection and final treatments.


couple working out in gym

Breakfast and Workout:

We enjoyed a healthy breakfast followed by a workout, setting a positive tone for the day. The variety and quality of the breakfast options were impressive, providing us with the energy we needed for the day's activities and our departure.

GAH Intravenous Ozonetherapy Session:

Our stay concluded with a GAH Intravenous Ozonetherapy session. This innovative treatment was designed to enhance our body's oxygen levels, promoting overall health and vitality. The session was a perfect end to our wellness journey, leaving us feeling refreshed, hydrated and invigorated before flying home.



As we prepared to leave, I humorously remarked to Chris that he would have to pull me out of SHA by my toenails. The entire experience had been so transformative that we were reluctant to leave, and maybe pull out my toenails😉


Reflections and Lasting Impact

Since our return, we have both noticed significant positive changes. I have embraced matcha tea in the mornings, mixed with my favorite, 5mg of creatine, and I have given up coffee entirely. This small change has led to remarkable improvements in my energy levels and overall well-being. For me, the impact has been equally profound. My WHOOP HRV numbers, sleep quality, and LEVELS CGM feedback have all improved since cutting out coffee.

The experience at SHA Wellness Mexico has shown us that small changes can have a big impact on health. We are already planning our next visit, hoping to stay longer and dive deeper into the wealth of knowledge and treatments available at this exceptional wellness retreat.

couple doing yoga pose on lawn on a cloudy day

Conclusion: The Path to Optimal Wellness

Our journey at SHA Wellness Mexico was nothing short of life-changing. The combination of advanced medical diagnostics, personalized nutrition, and holistic therapies provided us with a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The attention to detail, the expertise of the staff, and the peaceful environment made this a truly transformative experience.


For anyone looking to optimize their health, rejuvenate their body, and embrace a holistic approach to well-being, SHA Wellness Mexico is the place to be. The retreat offers a unique and cutting-edge approach to wellness that is both life changing and enjoyable. We highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their health and well-being.

group of friends smiling in front of hotel

We can't wait to return and continue our journey towards optimal health. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out. There is so much to learn and experience at this incredible wellness property, and we are here to help you on your path to wellness.


Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope our experience inspires you to take steps towards your own health and well-being. Until next time, stay well and keep exploring the possibilities of a healthier, happier life.


With warmth and wellness,




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