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Not every destination will feature an array of Olympic-sized pools, a massage therapist at your beckon call, and a bevy of protein-infused shakes at your fingertips. Infact, if you’re hopping from one destination to the next you may have a hard time scheduling spa appointments or knowing where your next workout is going to happen. That’s okay! 

Making wellness a priority doesn’t require a concierge. I’ve been able to source some incredible and healthy options while just about anywhere in the world. Knowing what you’re looking for while you’re on the road can make creating your own well-inspired trip a memorable one. Starting with an outline of what you need to keep your health at the top of its game is a great way to start!


woman at airport eating healthy

Anyone with dietary restrictions or who’s working to keep their eating well-balanced knows: not all restaurants are created equal, and if you’re on the road finding fresh and healthy foods can be a challenge. In fact, I pack healthy bento boxes for him on long road trips scouting or for plane rides for us both. I’ve been known to ship my favorite healthy snacks to different destinations via Amazon and have them waiting for me on my arrival.

I’ve been known to ship my favorite healthy snacks to different destinations via Amazon and have them waiting for me on my arrival. If shopping in advance isn’t an option, I prefer to visit the local grocer or market to find some options to keep in the car and at the hotel. I request a refrigerator be delivered to the room and I stock with waters, kombucha, and healthy snacks from the local grocers and farmer’s markets. You can also request they clean out the mini refrigerator to avoid the possible charge (and temptation!) 

Most restaurants large or small will try to do their best to accommodate you. So, even if you find yourself at “mom & pop’s greasy spoon” there should be some modifications you can enjoy! I’ve split larger servings of salads and signature sandwiches to enjoy later, or asked for “off the menu” hard boiled eggs and veggie plates. 

Healthy Eating Apps I Love


Keep an eye out for local juicers! If your hotel doesn’t offer an incredible protein shake lineup or your favorite fresh juice, use it as an opportunity to venture out and try something different! It seems as though more regions are becoming health conscious and the options we have as travelers are endless! You may even be introduced to some local produce + blends you’ve never heard of. Let your juicer know you’ve never been before, if you have any dietary restrictions, and ask for a recommendation of what’s best there. Take the chance to try something different and you may find a new favorite. 

Easy to Use Apps for Finding Healthy Drinks:


Man and woman in gym

Wherever you are – there’s an opportunity for fitness. Whether you’re kayaking in the Northwest or visiting family in the middle of a cornfield, you can get creative with your workout routine. If your hotel, lodge, or resort does not offer a gym as an amenity and you’re bound and determined to lift or rock the elliptical take a look at local gyms or fitness centers for a guest pass. Bonus: most gyms offer stellar drop-in style classes at reasonable rates + all throughout the day. I personally love to visit Lagree Fitness, Orangetheory, SoulCycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, Yoga Six, Equinox Fitness Centers, and Lifetime fitness centers while traveling! While on the road and away from a gym I prefer to include a mix of cardio, weight training, and athletic activities that don’t feel like working out (think – canyon hikes and swimming with dolphins and pigs, and flamingo yoga!) 

Apps I Love For Fitness on the Road


Man getting pedicure

Tight muscles, puffy skin, and exhaustion from travel are all reason enough to want to treat yourself to a bit of extra pampering while on the road. So, if you’ve looked at your hotel’s health menu and you’re not finding what you’d like most, take a look at wellness options outside of your resort’s walls. Of course, it’s not easy finding the perfect massage or facial with a quick online search – so here are some helpful reminders!

  • Check for certification. Each spa + wellness center require different levels of certification for their practitioners. Be sure that anyone who’s working on your skin, hair, or body is knowledgeable.

  • Don’t bargain hunt for wellness. I love a good value as much as anyone, but when it comes to your health and permanent or semi permanent treatments, there’s no deal if it’s not quality! You may be tempted to try specials while you’re in vacation mode so remember to check for certifications and consider the old saying, “you get what you pay for.”

  • Read the reviews. If more than just a few bad apples are complaining about the services received you should see a red flag and avoid the provider, spa or salon. Take some time to do a bit of digging before committing to a particular wellness provider. 

Apps I Use to Find the Perfect Spa + Book Appointments

Sourcing healthy options on the road, to me, is part of the fun of travel. Exploring what any given region has that could potentially elevate my health and fitness routine ignites my drive to continue to see new parts of the world! Every trip offers something different, and every adventurer and fitness enthusiast has something special they’re looking for. Consider the last time that you discovered something new that you now love to do every day. Where were you? Share with me in the comments! 


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