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How you kick off your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Anyone with a morning routine knows that preparation for the perfect day starts well before the alarm clock goes off. Transferring your morning routine at home to your life while on the road can be difficult, but it’s important to keep your health goals in check!


lady drinking power greens

The best days start with a full night’s rest. It can be tempting to watch the sun come up and spend your nights out on the town while traveling, but for your body to stay at its peak performance you need your rest! Ensuring you get your rest should be a priority no matter where you are in the world. While visiting gorgeous resorts and wellness retreats, I’ve found that guest services are more than happy to help create the peaceful space you need to restore. Ask for additional pillows if the ones provided are not supportive enough – refuse turndown services if you’d prefer your quiet time before bed. Making your needs known before your stay can help keep your routine seamless!

I was hesitant about where to put “wake up calls” in this blog, as I feel that rest is so paramount during your travel, however, staying on routine and getting a full day in can be so rewarding! Give yourself a large window of rest and recovery after traveling – but don’t sleep too late! You can always take advantage of the “wake up call” service so you can rise and shine in paradise!

Here are some of my rest-saving favorites:

Prep Your Morning Mixes

Whether you drink a morning elixir like me, or prefer hot tea of coffee to kick off your day, prepping what you need before you head to bed makes your morning less stressful! I keep my reusable water bottle with a lid on the counter in the bathroom filled halfway full with water and a side of fresh lemon wedges or lemon ice cubes from the freezer! By morning, everything is room temperature and I can mix my Vital Proteins, Super Greens, and Pure I-Glutamine in, shake well, and drink. Depending on the length of my trip I pack each individual canister to ensure I have enough for my entire trip.

Plan Your Workout or Activity Ahead of Time

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Knowing what your day has in store is a key component to keeping your routine in check. In fact, planning the next day’s activities may be a part of your routine. Whether you’re at home or on the road, it’s important to integrate things that excite you into your daily routine. If your workouts are getting a bit stagnant try making arrangements to visit a new gym or hiking trail! Big shocker here: I’m a Type-A Planner! I tend to book my classes in advance or have a game plan for how to get active right after a healthy breakfast. I do let myself sleep in the first morning (especially if I had a late flight.) If I am taking a class off of the property where I’m staying, I use the ClassPass App. I always lay my workout clothes and running shoes out the night before so I am ready to roll.  

Breakfast Prep 

breakfast meal prep

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and a very important part of your morning routine. If you don’t plan ahead you can plan on failing when it comes to breakfast (and just about anything in life.) I always, always, always travel with my 1st Phorm protein powder + a shaker because it’s a super easy way to get my healthy breakfast in without worrying about hidden butter and salt in prepared breakfasts. Prep your breakfast plan the night before by stocking your fridge with healthy options like hard boiled eggs, clean Protein-rich breakfast bars, or these gluten-free cookies. I love storing my travel meals in these bento-style boxes, too. If you plan to eat out, check out healthy options the night before and plan your reservations ahead of time so you won’t be tempted to stray from your nutritious plans. 

To me, a morning routine is more than time at a mirror with mascara. Mornings set the tone for my entire day, so I make sure to give myself plenty of time to fit in everything that’s essential to a good day: rest, exercise, nutrition, and a bit of excitement! How do you keep your routine going while you’re on the road? 


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