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It's no secret Chris and I love to travel, after all, we've created an entire business off of our travels. However, there is one part of every trip (no matter our destination) that we tend to dread: the airport experience. Finding a place to park your car, unloading heavy luggage, and battling through the ticket counter and TSA lines are pain points for all travelers. There's no way to anticipate how backed up security will be at a given time of day and the likelihood that your gate is the furthest one is probable.

As firm believers in the benefits travel can bring to your mind, body, and soul, we feel that each experience shouldn't begin with a stressful one, which is why we absolutely love The Private Suite. This private concierge service located in LAX offers a first-class, "Head of State" service, including your own personal TSA screening, private lounge with amenities, luxury car service directly to your plane, and more.

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When Chris and I arrived at LAX for our departure to St. Louis, we were delivered to the entrance of The Private Suite, bypassing the inside of the airport altogether. We were immediately greeted by an agent who took our luggage and escorted us directly to our own private suite, equipped with a private bathroom, personal pantry, and even a meeting room. They've truly thought of everything! There's an outdoor play space for those traveling with children, in addition to a "children's toy menu." Feeling a little jet-lagged from your last flight? Take a nap on the two-person daybed provided. Every suite is fully stocked with a wide range of beverages and snacks including a self-serve candy bar with to-go bags and for those who didn't have time to eat prior, The Private Suite offers a full, health-conscious lunch menu. Once in our suite, we were able to relax, order lunch, have a drink, and simply unwind. I mean, have you ever in your life been able to say that you "unwound" at the airport? Meanwhile, our luggage was being tagged and boarded for us, allowing Chris and I to be hands-free for the remainder of our travel.

The Private Suite is an invaluable service for anyone who travels regularly, travels with children, or simply prefers the privacy that only The Private Suite can provide. With the LAX location's consistent rise in popularity, The Private Suite has their sights set on New York, with their next location opening soon at JFK. After experiencing first hand the impeccable service provided by The Private Suite, we can confidently say that becoming a member is well worth the investment.

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