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From its inception, Canyon Ranch has been breaking grounds and knocking down walls when it comes to wellness, travel, and personal growth. Tucked away in the peace and beauty of Tucson, their Arizona locale pairs the natural healing energies of the desert with the unwavering spirit of Canyon Ranch. 

Canyon Ranch’s approach to wellness has inspired me for years. An industry leader since the late seventies; when I first sparked my passion for wellness travel their properties were one of the first I visited. What I love about this organization most is that even though they pioneered practices most strive to recreate today, they continually work to improve and that’s apparent with every stay. Planning my visit to Canyon Ranch Tucson was almost as enjoyable as my stay – thumbing through every facet of my experience: spa selections, fitness opportunities, a chance to get a little creative, and focusing on my spiritual and mental health were all on the menu!

Canyon Ranch, Lauren Pronger, Chris Pronger, Horse riding, horse back riding, horses, riding retreat

Speaking of menus – no two guests experience the same stay at Canyon Ranch – and for good reason. You’re able to truly create a healing, nourishing, and enriching getaway for your soul. Clicking through the very best of their offerings you’re able to design your stay from start to finish…

My Wellness Experiences at Canyon Ranch Tucson

Canyon Ranch, Lauren Pronger, Chris Pronger, Horse riding, horse back riding, horses, riding retreat

The facilities at Canyon Ranch Tucson are the perfect marriage of modern medicine and integrative holistic practices. Specialists work to guide you to your perfect plan for optimal health after in-depth consultations, lab work, and careful consideration. During my stay at Canyon Ranch Tucson I could choose from a variety of musculoskeletal treatments, sleep medicine practices, overall health concerns, and even energy therapies. Combining Western and Eastern approaches to healing unlike any other experience I’ve ever had!

Who couldn’t use a few extra hours in the day? Unfortunately, no luxury resort under the sun can provide that amenity but the Life Management options help create the framework to make the most out of my days and approach each day with an open heart and mind – ready for productivity!

Nutrition, Cooking, and More 

A fully immersive experience is offered going beyond “giving a man a fish” and truly “teaching the man to fish,” knowing how to fuel your particular body for optimal performance. Weight management, weight loss, allergy considerations, and more are all considered when designing guests a truly healthful and nourishing experience. 

Fitness Experiences at Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch, Lauren Pronger, Chris Pronger, Stretching, Yoga, Yoga Pose, Yoga position

Fitness assessment is paired with personalized programming for virtually any fitness level. Visiting Canyon Ranch properties you’re welcomed with a bevvy of opportunities that are equally fun, challenging, and unique! From high rope adventures to golfing in a scenery that looks right out of a dream – it’s not hard to stay active. A little something extra for the golfers: PGA® personalized instruction is available for anyone ready to enhance their game.

Canyon Ranch, Lauren Pronger, Chris Pronger, Stretching, Yoga, Yoga Pose, Yoga position

I love the endless benefits of working out in and near water. The Ranch experts utilize their expansive aquatic center to offer group and private classes for guests. Simple watching the  vibrancy of the glistening aquamarine pools against the red Tucson mountainous landscape is a meditative experience!

My Favorite Spa Selections

Canyon Ranch, Lauren Pronger, Chris Pronger, Stretching, Yoga, Yoga Pose, Yoga position

I consider Canyon Ranch a spa for my mind, body, and spirit so there’s no wonder that their spa services are unparalleled! The highest quality products including my favorite Tata Harper™ skin care are used to create facial, full body, and salon experiences to leave your skin and hair looking as good as you feel.

Creating my personal spa experience from the host of treatments I chose the Oxygen facial with Luzern® products and microcurrent technology to stimulate the growth of collagen that helps keep your skin’s full, smooth, and supple texture. 

Full body massages, wraps, exfoliation, and moisturization treatments are brimming with the best in essential oils, herb infusions, and vitamins that your skin craves! Among the best full body massage offerings are their Slice of Heaven (four hands working on your body at once!) cupping, Watsu Aquatic, and Blissful Floating Massage. They offer so many incredible experience that I truly could have named them all among my favorites. 

Specialties for My Soul 

As I’ve shared before, Canyon Ranch differs from other wellness properties I’ve visited because of their incredibly inclusive approach to wellness. Considering the metaphysical, creative, and spiritual facets of wellness when developing their offerings there’s no shortage of special experiences to choose from. 

Canyon Ranch, Lauren Pronger, Chris Pronger, Stretching, Yoga, Yoga Pose, Yoga position

Whether you’re ready to get your hands dirty throwing clay or have your hands read by the resident clairvoyant, there’s something for everyone. Your energy is considered sacred at Canyon Ranch and what feeds your soul can be found here!

Canyon Ranch Tucson’s assortment of enriching experiences are only enhanced by the knowledgeable and friendly experts that you can tell are absolutely living their passion by being there with you. From genealogists to nutritionists to PGA® professionals, they’ve curated the very best to guide you to living your very best life well after your stay has ended.

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