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It was late spring and Chris and I were ready for an escape to the mountains! But, where do you go when you want a mountain view, luxurious spa treatments, a focus on wellness, and fly fishing? Blackberry Farm, of course!

The Trip

We were looking for something off the beaten path that shared all of the amenities we love about luxury and wellness travel. A gem at the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Farm was a favorite pick among our group of friends we’d be traveling with, so we made it our destination of choice! Departing from the Chesterfield Airport, we arrived to Alcoa, Tennessee just a quick two hours later. The beauty of traveling to Tennessee by plane from our St. Louis home is that you feel a world away but you don’t have to account for an entire day of travel! 

The Food and Drinks at Blackberry Farm

Greeted with a scrumptious and well-rounded lunch at the Main House, it was easy to feel right at home at Blackberry Farm. With just enough time to relax, unpack, and savor our new location, we kicked off our three-night getaway with a Just Reds Wine Tasting followed by Dinner at The Barn. 

There’s no shortage of Artisan Cooking Demonstrations and specialty classes if you’d like to get hands-on with your meal preparation. These laid back classes were wonderfully informative but relaxed enough that you could enjoy a glass of wine and never miss a beat with the skilled chef’s instructions. 

Dinner at the Dogwood and drinks across the property to enjoy the varied breathtaking views were on the menu during our stay. Blackberry Farm’s home to three inspired Executive Chefs including Cassidee Dabney, Sarah Steffan, Bonnie Moore and Sommelier Andy Chabot. It’s clear there’s a strong focus on regional cuisine and locally grown and harvested vegetables, fish, and meat and you can literally taste the vibrance of each beautifully paired dish.

The endless amounts of fun at Blackberry Farm

Fly fishing outings, specially coordinated tastings, concerts featuring headliners, and summertime adventures are abound at Blackberry Farms. This property is the perfect balance of wellness-centric seclusion and a welcoming event space. Our group of guys loved their fly fishing outing and Chris was more than happy to spend a few hours away from the world in a mountainside stream.  

Our entire group gave their best Annie Oakley impressions during a group clay shoot. Careful instruction and supervision, this type of simple fun (and healthy competition) is good for the soul! I love to take advantage of any activity – especially the physical ones – that allow me to do more than what’s offered in my every day routine at home. I truly feel that your life is immeasurably enhanced when you get out of your comfort zone, try something new, and learn from those who are passionate about what they do!

Picking the Best Wellness Offerings at Blackberry Farm

My girlfriends and I took complete advantage of our men’s absence and booked a spa day while they were fly fishing. I requested the Lavender and Vanilla Bourbon Body Drench followed by the Collagen Renewal Facial for a full-body treat in the Smokies.


Fitness and wellness opportunities feel endless because they are! There’s a variety of self improvement sessions that focus on journaling and mindfulness, indoor group fitness classes like ZUMBA, Barre, HIIT, yoga and more. Blackberry Farm’s Wellhouse serves a side of fresh air with their fitness offerings too, including aerobic guided hikes, trail runs, mountain biking, and farm fit. You’re able to choose exactly what you want to experience for a totally transformative getaway. 

I love the Blackberry Farm and Wellhouse approach to homegrown wellness. The balanced approach to nutrition, exercise, and pampering spa treatments I found here created the ultimate wellness experience while sharing all of the laid back charm of your favorite family getaway. 

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