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The season of the “Summer Bod” preparation is here! As warmer weather approaches, we all want to be looking our best when it's time to hit the beach. Everyone has their own workout routines and personal health goals they would like to achieve. However, we have narrowed down our list of wellness destinations to our top 6 locations for a pre summer detox. With a trip to one of these locales, you’ll be ready to hit the beach in no time!

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! The Ranch isn't JUST a hotel with a beautiful spa and well-equipped gym built into it. The Ranch takes the health-inspired destination movement and multiplies it by 50, then adds a four-hour daily hike.

A month before my scheduled trip to The Ranch (Chris sat this one out), they sent me a detailed packet with instructions carefully laying out how to prepare my body week by week leading up to my trip. My advice: Don't disregard this prep! Even as someone who makes it a point to be physically active in some way every day, prepping for hours of hiking intense trails requires weeks of building up stamina (something I had to focus on, as I'm not a huge fan of cardio). The prep includes everything from eliminating caffeine, to going to bed by 8:00 pm, to omitting all sugar from your diet and hiking two miles a day, then four, then six, and so on.

This Wellness Destination will challenge you both mentally and physically, but I am here to say that this is one of the most unique detox trips I have ever been on!

Detox in the beautiful Miami sun! This property has at least twenty group classes offered every single day – so there’s virtually no excuse to ever say you missed your class. Offering everything from TRX, Bootcamp, to aquatics, boxing, and more, I truly had a hard time deciding which to attend. After choosing classes and scoping the gym out, I formulated my game plan and hit the infrared sauna before my shower just as I would at home.

I think it’s nice to add a touch of your home wellness routine to what you do on the road, because it’s so easy to experience sensory overload while traveling. Carillon does an impeccable job at including a vast amount of experiences and sharing helpful staff without being overwhelming.

The spa offers everything you love about traditional spa treatments – and so much more. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine is there to provide acupuncture treatments, licensed counselors share a variety of specialized sessions, cryotherapy is available to help restore your body after intense expert-led workouts. I’ve found the Carillon truly has everything that’s needed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

The natural Cenote at Chablé is the focal point of the healing journey, providing the curative foundations and tranquil setting for the development of their spa experiences. This wellness destination is where ancient mysticism blends with modern curiosity to bring about a new vocabulary of well-being.

The Chablé Spa provides an intimate setting of tranquility, sophistication, and customization. The setting and elements used in authentic Mayan Ceremony, allows for a deep connection and profoundly moving experience as an initiation into the Chablé Healing Culture.

Chablé is so much more than just a hotel. It is a health and wellness destination utilizing practices that have been around for thousands of years. Allow Chablé to reset your mind, body, and spirit.

Austin, Texas:

“Balance is not something you find, it is something you create." This is the belief Miraval Austin is rooted in and for good reason. As an industry leader in mindfulness resorts and spas, Miraval--specifically Miraval Austin--is truly a sanctuary for your soul. By offering inclusive packages for mindful journeys, you're transported out of your day-to-day and into a unique space where spending your time immersed in the tranquility of nature is at the core of everything you do.

Before jumping into any of their fitness offerings, you should know that any activity you choose is complementary with your stay and an expert team is available to help you decide between a great choice, or an even greater one!

Miraval Austin offers every type of yoga you can dream of. Did the stars align or what? I started my day with Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga (one of my absolute favorites!), which incorporates a full-body workout while floating on water.

If you prefer staying on land, Miraval Austin also offers:

  • Fun Flow Aerial Yoga and Restorative Aerial Skills Yoga

  • Tex Zen Yoga

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Hatha Yin/Yang Yoga

  • Slow Flow Yoga and several more!

We encourage you to visit properties like Miraval Austin, take the education and experiences home, and use them to find balance in your life wherever it leads you.

Tuscon, Arizona:

The mission of Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona says it all, “To inspire a life in balance through mindfulness.” Far too often we’re swept away by the dings and pings of our phones and tugged away from what’s most important by the dramatic overcast of daily life events. It’s easy to lose sight of what feeds our souls.

Get Active and Stay Active

Miraval’s creative complimentary wellness program provides endless activities. There are so many unique options you’ll forget you’re exercising your mind and soul as well as your body! Choosing from the one hundred and twenty activities can seem daunting, luckily they’re all incredible and guided by experts ready to help you every step of the way.

Staying active beyond the gym helps to keep your body healthy and your spirit nourished as well. Miraval Arizona offers Equine activities and since I grew up riding horses, this special time always brings me joy. Taking me back to a time when life was a bit simpler, caring for a horse is a perfect practice in mindfulness. Brushing, feeding, caring for this monumental beauty before you is all consuming in the most thrilling way imaginable!

You can also find more traditional practices in wellness, pilates, yoga, hiking, swimming, tennis and more! Simply open your heart to your favorite experiences and they’ll guide you to making the most during your stay.

Every morning you can start with a special activity and create a rhythm of wellness from the time you wake until the time you slip into a peaceful slumber after a full day of sun and special moments.

Life in Balance Spa

The exquisite treatments offered at the spa are everything you’d expect from a luxury wellness retreat at a Miraval property – and then some. From the detoxifying Sonoran Mud Wrap to the warming stones grazing your skin during their Monsoon Experience they’ve found a way to enhance your experience and make it unique to the earth surrounding you.

Invigorating, renewing, refreshing! From deep exfoliation to smoothing body butters enveloping your skin – each step is one step closer to an even better version of yourself.

Body and Mindfulness Fitness Center

There’s no need to worry about missing a few days in your home gym – the Body and Mindfulness Fitness Center has everything needed for an incredible sweat! Complimentary juices will keep you hydrated after your full body workout. Fitness experts can guide you through best practices enhancing your form and help you create a regimen that works for your body type and fitness level.

The gentle nudges to remain in the present at Miraval helped me truly make the most out of my stay. Feeling the sun on my skin, listening – really listening – to experts share their passions about self betterment and positive living, every sip, every stretch, every sunset. The wonderfully arranged menu of moments at Miraval are yours forever and that’s why it’s my pleasure and privilege as a wellness traveler to share more about each of the three properties: Arizona, Austin (opened September 2019), and Berkshires (opened Winter 2019).

Two very different complementary experiences are shared by these luxurious escapes, both properties serving to welcome and enhance the lives of all who enter.

The spa at Mii amo in Sedona has been named the #1 Destination Spa in the U.S. in Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2018 and for good reason. This spa enchants the mind, body, and soul in such an artful way it gives me goosebumps to recall my visit. To choose among the assortment of treatments like their traditional, innovative, or Native American influenced therapies was nearly impossible with the many options that these properties offer!

My Favorites at Mii amo Spa Massage

Intentional Aromatherapy Massage uses a special blend of aromatic oils and treatments to soothe your body and mind. Capturing your senses, this massage seeps deep into your being. I am a great believer in the benefits of Cupping massage therapies so I was excited to see this is also offered here.

Full Body Treatments

Pinion Body Scrub is comprised of local pinon nuts that are ground and smoothed over your skin providing the utmost relaxation and exfoliation. After you’ve revealed healthy, fresh skin, your therapist finishes the treatment with the rich and aromatic pinon butter. Divine!


The Oxygen Facial is designed to heal and comfort desert-dried skin. Promoting collagen and elastin production, this incredible facial left my skin feeling plump and renewed after the wear of the dry desert weather.

For the Soul

True to the properties’ philosophies, Mii amo Spa offers experiences that pay homage to the healing ceremonies and special rituals of the Native American heritage. Reading of the Moment is an offering found at the spa that you may not find at every luxe spa getaway. This offering features experts that read your palm, use Tarot cards, and more to “direct your path.” If you’re lucky enough to visit during a full moon, you can release what no longer serves you in the Spirit of the Full Moon ritual. The Crystal Grotto Blessing is a private offering where Native American teachings direct celebration, healing, or comfort that’s needed for whatever you’re experiencing in life.

These destinations have everything you need for you to get your mind, body, and spirit in check to start your summer off on a good note!


Reach out to Well Inspired Travels to book your detox vacation and let’s make the summer of 2020 the best summer yet!


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